Too Many Chemtrails Spoil New Western, ‘Outlaws & Angels’

Movie Westerns are typically set in the later half of the nineteenth century in the sheepleAmerican Old West where isolated, desolate-looking landscapes often play a significant role presenting a “…mythic vision of the plains and deserts of the American West” according to Wikipedia.
 Not surprisingly, movie watcher Bernie Steyn felt somewhat let down when he  watched the new JT Mollner movie, ‘Outlaws and Angels’ (2016) recently, a film supposedly set in the American wild west in 1887.  
As the screenshot he copied from one of the opening scenes shows, there was evidently no attempt made whatsoever to be true to the Western genre where the sky-scape was concerned. 
At least six aerosol trails can be seen dispersing here.  
One can surmise that it may have been too costly for the film makers to hang around waiting for a  clear blue sky to present itself, as aerosol spraying has become so frequent an activity?  Or perhaps the “powers-that-be” regard presenting aerosol trails in films blatantly like this ‘politically correct’ now?  Indeed, they are being shown in children’s cartoons regularly and as we saw in the ‘Kiwi Kids Cloud Identification Guide’, aerosol trails have become the new “Cirrostratus clouds“. 
Needless to state, we must resist and expose this fraud whenever we can.
Outlaws and Angels Casey

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