Environmental Protection Authority Unable To Substantiate Their Claim That Chemtrails Are An “Urban Myth”

As we reported on April the 22nd, in response to a request for information in late-February regarding high altitude aerosol spraying by Māori activist and lawyer, Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn,  the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) replied fallaciously that it was an “urban myth” and did not exist.

Did the EPA get their advice from Mr Bean?  No.

Where does the EPA get their information from?

In order to establish what evidence this “urban myth” comment was based upon, post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott, who has been investigating the manner government responds to requests for information on the topic of chemtrails, submitted an Official Information Act 1982 Request to the EPA.

In his letter dated June the 1st, 2016, he asked for the information held by the EPA that substantiated their claim that geoengineering/high altitude spraying were an urban myth.

On June the 3oth,  Mr Scott received a reply from the Chief Executive of the EPA, Allan L Freeth, who advised that they did not hold any information to substantiate their claim that high altitude aerosol spraying was an urban myth.   Read Allan Freeth’s letter in pdf form at this link:  OIA response 30 June 2016 or below:

Malcolm reply June 30












Malcolm reply June 30 2


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2 Responses to Environmental Protection Authority Unable To Substantiate Their Claim That Chemtrails Are An “Urban Myth”

  1. Malcolm Scott says:

    Thank you Clare for your editorial work on this item. The claim made by EPA staff Andrea Eng that the NZ scientific community had repeatedly ‘dismissed’ reports of aerosol geoengineering in NZ was also unable to be substantiated… do EPA staff just ‘make this up’ when they feel like it? In my letter to Allan Freeth I provided a lot of reference material for the EPA to assist them to investigate the reports of aerosol spraying taking place… but have not yet had a reply (and I wonder if I ever will?). My letter is available on request (or Clare would you place a link to it on this web-page?).

  2. Thanks Malcolm. The internal document the Ministry for the Environment [1] sent in error revealed that Ministry employees are under instruction to mislead the public. It makes one wonder about the EPA’s internal memos. It seems evident that there is a pre-meditated conspiracy to lie to the public and the EPA is part of a propaganda apparatus, not a genuine environmental protection agency. Taxpayers are supporting a criminal operation.

    [1] Atmospheric Aerosol Researcher Asked To Destroy Document Sent In Error By The Ministry For The Environment, https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/atmospheric-aerosol-researcher-asked-to-destroy-document-sent-in-error-by-the-ministry-for-the-environment/

    This is the letter Malcolm Scott sent to Allan Freeth of the EPA, dated July 27th, 2016:

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