Mass Aerosol Dumps Coincide with Multi-national Air Force Exercises held in Australia


Image from one of the YouTube videos created by Royal Australian Air Force regarding Air Force exercise named ‘Pitch Black 2016’:

Updated report (12/8/ 2016) from “Niu Rangi” (Real name known, but withheld on request).

On Monday, the 8th of August, 2016 I was on board a three-and-a-half-hour flight from Darwin to Brisbane.  Throughout this flight, until it became dark, I saw that the sky was shrouded in chemtrails, rendering it almost impossible to see the surface below.  There was never a break.

It is impossible to mistake these aerosol dumps for clouds and it was incomprehensible that others on board did not appear to be concerned about what this unnatural-looking faux ‘cloud’ matter was.  I have not experienced a flight before where the plane was in the midst of dirty smokey aerosol material throughout the journey.   I wondered to myself how it seemed that no-one else on the plane seemed alarmed and was asking, ‘What the hell is this!?  These don’t look like clouds at all and I have never in my life flown through seemingly never-ending murky-coloured clouds for over three-and-a-half hours non-stop?’   I was gobsmacked by this!

Darwin is home to a permanent military base and coincidentally, at the time of my flight on August the 8th, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) was involved and still is with the Americans in one of the largest multi-national military exercises in the region.  The exercise, named Pitch Black,‘  is being held from July the 29th until August the 19th and includes the ten nations – Australia, the United States, Indonesia, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Canada, and over 100 aircraft.   It is being conducted from RAAF Base Darwin and RAAF Base Tindal.

I am in Queensland at the moment where I saw it mentioned during TV news on the 10th of August that military games are happening right now in Darwin NT, so I took note as I live there.  What I saw on the picture was a plane lifting off the runway into an entire sky of murky nebulous smokiness filling the whole scene.  This is what I am referring to.  It is currently the dry season in Darwin. It should be dry climate-wise, with beautiful days and blue clear skies. 

Four to five weeks ago, with the arrival of the Aussie and the US fighter planes to engage in some military war games practicing,  [this is before ‘Pitch Black 2016’ officially started on the 29th of July]  Darwin,  where aerosol trails are usually prolific, suddenly became heavily blanketed with them and we got sick with headaches, flu-like symptoms, neck problems, muscular ailments etc.    I started hearing choppers and some planes that weren’t the standard planes flying over. This coincided at about the same time give or take one day or two, with another obvious very intensive chemtrailing period. The skies were full of it.

Editor’s note:   If one witnesses masses of aerosol trails overhead as described, put a clean dish, such as a Pyrex or glass one outside to collect rainwater the next time it rains and send a sample off to be tested for heavy metals by an accredited laboratory.

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2 Responses to Mass Aerosol Dumps Coincide with Multi-national Air Force Exercises held in Australia

  1. Lesley Keys advised on Facebook regarding this post: Deployment of the new ‘carbon black’ aerosols has recently been observed over south-east Queensland. As it’s winter, these have led to very dark days which preceded sudden, subsequent sharp ‘drop’s in temperature. You may find this of interest: “It’s highly significant that Dr. Gray’s 1974 elaborate study – in apparent response to NASA’s 1966 “National Weather Modification” initiative – is based on the advantages of heating the atmosphere with carbon black aerosols on a massive scale but is curiously devoid of any mention of CO2, Global Warming, rising sea levels or fear of climate change – even as the AGW fear-mongering was gaining media traction.” ~ Source:

  2. Rebecca says:

    Here in Phillip Island chemtrailing for months on end until a month ago, we have had customers all winter getting sick from unusual flu like symptoms and now all our customers are getting violently ill with half gastro half flu. This is, I believe a direct affect of the chem trails getting into the water supply and the Wonthaggi desalination plant is due to re-open soon so I am wondering now what is going through the plant to make our Island so sick.

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