Aerosol Haze & Aerosol Trails In Hokitika Sky on August 17th

Photos from Hokitika for August 17th, 2016 from M.B. who wrote:

“I took some more photos of chemtrails in Hokitika today. Some of what I saw today was quite different to what I have generally observed before. When I was driving from Kokatahi (rural Hokitika) to Kaniere (on the way back to Hokitika) at about 1pm, I noticed that the sky over Hokitika seemed an insipid blue colour. There was some natural cloud cover, but the sky that was not clouded was not bright blue as it should have been.  

From my property at Kaniere I noticed lots of very fine, thin non-cloud cover, that was making the sky pale. There were some very obvious chemtrails too, some of which rapidly spread into non-cloud.  The extent of fine non-cloud cover was really marked today, and I have not noticed that before.   I’m used to seeing faux cloud, but this was different.



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5 Responses to Aerosol Haze & Aerosol Trails In Hokitika Sky on August 17th

  1. Nozzle says:

    I live in Upper Clutha. The same morning (Wed 17th) I was up early and saw a trail. I continued to see them all day. Must be the heaviest I have seen it in a long time. They continued yesterday and even today. It has been very hazy and not the nice clear blue sky we have had before then.

    • Seth says:

      Hi, I live in Albert town and have been seeing the constant aerial spraying of the Wanaka/Albert Town/Hawea area. Have rung the council today to find it more, but to be honest, I don’t expect any enlightening answers. Council is corrupt along with government unfortunately. Be good to create more awareness around this. Cheers

  2. tp says:

    Hi,I live in Runanga and have started taking photos and recording what I am seeing in the sky.17th,18th and 19th this month I have seen chemtrails overhead.I am wanting to collect water samples .unsure where to send samples to.

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