Toxic air pollution particles found in human brains

GuardianUK    5 Sept  2016

Detection of ‘abundant’ magnetite particles raises concerns because of suggested links to Alzheimer’s disease

Toxic nanoparticles from air pollution have been discovered in human brains in “abundant” quantities, a newly published study reveals.

The detection of the particles, in brain tissue from 37 people, raises concerns because recent research has suggested links between these magnetite particles and Alzheimer’s disease, while air pollution has been shown to significantly increase the risk of the disease. However, the new work is still a long way from proving that the air pollution particles cause or exacerbate Alzheimer’s.

“This is a discovery finding, and now what should start is a whole new examination of this as a potentially very important environmental risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease,” said Prof Barbara Maher, at Lancaster University, who led the new research. “Now there is a reason to go on and do the epidemiology and the toxicity testing, because these particles are so prolific and people are exposed to them.”


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2 Responses to Toxic air pollution particles found in human brains

  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

    I seen this mentioned on Lame Stream Media, and of course they make it sound oooooh so convincing thats its a new discovery blah blah blah. How bout they listen to Dr Russell Blaylock, who has now been for years talking bout the effects on the human consumption of nano crap

    Then after listening to that, take a listen to this clown, that’s all he is, a clown that would like to load your atmosphere full of crap

  2. I suspect this is a smoke screen to cover the asses of those involved in aerosol spraying of nano particles of aluminium , barium and strontium

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