Aerosol Spraying Blatantly Evident Over Hokitika, New Zealand on 23 September

A resident of Hokitika and regular contributor emailed the following today:  “We have been having a fantastic run of sunny spring weather lately with clear blue skies, (though not as intense a blue as they used to be).  Today, Friday the 23 of September, started out the same, except for some out-of-place and clearly fake cloud formations present in an otherwise clear blue sky around 8-9am. By midday there was a lot of faux cloud and aerosol residue around, and I also saw some aerosol trails being actively sprayed.   In the evening, (5pm-5.30pm), I took these three photos of aerosol trails expanding and dispersing.”


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3 Responses to Aerosol Spraying Blatantly Evident Over Hokitika, New Zealand on 23 September

  1. Marian Sutherland says:

    Wow! Excellent examples of the appalling and deliberate contamination / manipulation of our atmosphere via aerosol geoengineering. Thanks to the contributor for capturing the evidence. A good one to share…thanks Clare.

  2. eli says:

    I have some pics to from kerikeri.

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