Passenger: Air NZ Flight From Tonga-NZ Creates Trail for Approximately 45 mins

BradIMG_1890Brad Wynyard of Whangarei, who was a passenger on board a flight returning to New Zealand from Tonga on the 7th of August, advised that for approximately 45 minutes, the long shadow of what he believed to be an aerosol trail the Air NZ plane emitted behind it, was visible below and is shown in photos below.  He also said that a lot of the cloud he flew through and over looked decidedly unnatural, some of which he described as “An orangy-brown haze.”

The plane was an Airbus A320.  

Part of an Air NZ Airbus A320

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please do your own research.
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1 Response to Passenger: Air NZ Flight From Tonga-NZ Creates Trail for Approximately 45 mins

  1. Mary Anne Zobrist O'Sullivan says:

    United States Patent:
    3899144_POWDER_CONTRAIL_WerlePatent (a .pdf file)
    Powder Contrail Generation August 12, 1975

    When I first started writing to US government agencies asking why and what were they
    spraying from jet planes, I was told by several including my own congressman and senator
    the Environmental Protection Agency; that I was only seeing naturally occurring vapor trails
    not chemical or “Chemtrails” but “CONTRAILS” made up of ice crystals from fuel etc and then
    they had a bogus explanation for why the trails didn’t dissipate like a normal jet
    condensation trail.
    They called them “Persistent Jet Contrails” as if they were normal and natural They must
    have been sending out hundreds of those auto reply bogus letters.
    I’ve had the above patent for the machine invented to create Contrails including all the diagrams
    and explanations of how it operates for some years but only recently re-read it to find in the
    paragraph called “Summary” that the name “Contrail” was created to differentiate the artificial
    powder clouds from natural ones. It is part of the patent.

    Here is a list of 178 patents related to chemtrail and weather modification:

    There is an Air Force document from 1996 (.pdf file) “Weather as a Force Multiplier:
    Owning the Weather in 2025” that you should read also before it’s gone.
    When you search for HAARP in the document you won’t find it. Call it “electromagnetic”
    also search “drought”. Nothing is natural about our weather any longer.

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