Ugly Aerosol Trails Cloud Ngunguru, Northland Sky on August 12th, 2017

These photos were taken in the afternoon of Saturday, August the 12, 2017 from the pretty coastal settlement of Ngunguru, which is on the east coast of Northland, and approximately 26 kilometers north Whangarei.

3.10pm approx. Ngunguru

Approx. 3.11pm, Ngunguru

About 5.15pm, taken from Ngunguru, showing an unusual-looking formation of aerosol trails.

An aerosol haze, the result of numerous aerosol trails merging, blocking out the sunlight.

About 5.19pm, an aircraft, not identified, is seen emitting aerosol material, traveling in an easterly direction. Not a contrail.  This trail was photographed again at 5.26pm approximately and had not dispersed. See below.

About 5.26pm, showing the same trail shown immediately above from a different vantage point, about 7 minutes later, to illustrate that this was not a contrail.

Blocking out the sunlight, aerosol trails look like unnatural cloud material even to the uneducated.

5.30pm Ngunguru and this long and uniform-looking aerosol trail was seen hanging in the atmosphere for over 20 minutes at least.

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