TV One’s Weatherman Normalizing Evidence of Unnatural Goings On?

15 Jan 2018 2Corbett

The odd-looking cloud formations shown during the 6 o’clock news on TV One on Monday, January the 15th by weatherman, Daniel Corbett, were introduced as: “Some really cool-looking clouds…”    Let’s hope that one day mainstream weather presenters talk about the weather modification technology that is in play globally.  Note what appears to be an obvious aerosol trail in the first image at the level of his head.

In my opinion, the odd formations and aerosol trails, of which these images provide an example of,  provide evidence to show that so-called “global warming” and extremes in weather are being manufactured to meet nefarious agendas.

Here are some more supposedly “natural” formations found among satellite imagery at ‘rapidfire,’ that were taken over New Zealand in 2013, which I had on record:




Currently there is a poll on the TVNZ website (see below), asking the public if they believe New Zealand’s record rain is the result of (carbon-dioxide, fossil-fuel induced) “global warming.”    Evidence shows that global warming is an engineered hoax that is being promoted as a repairable environmental issue – supposedly repairable if the public pays carbon taxes, among other sacrifices.    Will the powers-that-be cease manipulating the weather if we pay carbon taxes?  They have too much to gain from controlling the weather, so it seems highly unlikely.   Carbon taxes may be used to fund weather modification globally?

TVNZ website being used to monitor belief in the global warming scam?

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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3 Responses to TV One’s Weatherman Normalizing Evidence of Unnatural Goings On?

  1. Nigel Gray says:

    These cloud formations are not chemtrails in my opinion, but caused by certain electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) influencing the clouds. Hence when we see cloud like this the likelihood of earthquakes afterwards in that area is higher as these EMF excite movement in the earth also.

  2. David Corban says:

    The guy is a muppet… actually they’re all muppets dancing to the tune of the almighty dollar! Even my kids know those aren’t natural clouds & laugh about how thick people are who believe this nonsense! And sadly it seems most people do… 😦

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