Retrofitted Pipes Above Engines on Air New Zealand Planes

These photos were kindly supplied by Brad of Whangarei and show Air Zealand’s Airbus A320’s, which are used domestically and internationally.    Note the relatively untarnished metal surrounding the pipes, suggesting that it is a retrofit and it appears that rivets have been removed in order to install these.  Also, note that these pipes are not evident in the image of the A320 taken from the Air New Zealand website at the time of writing.

Brad nozzle air nz

Air New Zealand A320 at a domestic terminal what appear to be retrofitted pipes installed under the wing, above the engine. 

Brad nozzle air nzenlarge

Close up of retrofitted pipes.   See the photo below which shows where the pipes are relative to the engine.  




Image taken from Air New Zealand website. The pipes shown in the first photo are not apparent.

Brad airnz A320 Dec 2017

Air New Zealand plane emitting aerosol trails.

IMG_2126 Brad plane Air nz A320

Air New Zealand plane emitting aerosol trails.

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