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Malcolm Scott: Is ‘atmospheric aerosol geo-engineering’ and white chemtrails happening over New Zealand?

Malcolm Scott is an experienced and qualified researcher recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission. He has authored several research reports for various organisations and is currently working on a thesis about people’s perceptions and experiences of climate change and chemtrails.

In 2015 Malcolm began investigating correspondence with various New Zealand Government Agencies and the Ministry for the Environment about the public reporting of alleged high altitude chemical aerosol spraying operations from aircraft in New Zealand. These are commonly referred to by the public as ‘chemtrails’, and since the late 1990’s chemtrails have become a global phenomenon.

In this interview Malcolm categorically states that ‘yes’ – they are happening over New Zealand 
This is an excellent introduction for the NZ public to finally recognise that things are not like we would want them.
By following the paper trail, we realise that our Government, the Department for the Environment, the EPA, the Environmental Protection Authority and the NZ Military Defence Forces are more than obfuscating. They are telling untruths that are showing that certain practices are being promulgated without our – the NZ publics – informed consent.
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3 Responses to GreenplanetFM 104.6 Auck, Thurs, 8-9 am, Malcolm Scott talks about aerosol geo-engineering/ spraying

  1. Thank-you to Tim Lynch and Malcolm Scott for their work in putting this interview together. It was professionally and maturely presented and it is another contribution to make it all the more difficult for the “powers-that-be” in New Zealand to continue denying that this crime of aerosol spraying in the atmosphere is occurring. Great work.
    I wish to make a few points regarding what was said during the interview that need pointing out.
    Tim mistakenly said that we get rainwater to test off “roofs” (to test for the heavy-metals accepted as being in aerosols, namely, in particular aluminium, strontium and barium). This is not true. Sixteen or so rainwater samples referred to on this website (Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch) were not collected off roofs, as the samples would be contaminated by roof-paint ingredients, etc, so typically, a container, such as a Pyrex dish, cleaned with distilled water, is placed outside on a chair for example, and a sample of rainwater is caught in it, then put in a clean bottle and sent to a laboratory.
    If the aerosol trails are being used to cloud the sky/reduce sunlight levels to help with “climate change” (“man-made global warming”) which is purported to be caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide, how will obscuring the sunlight help? Surely it will lead to increased carbon dioxide levels, as it will reduce the ability of green plants/trees to use the process of photosynthesis (light energy) to convert CARBON DIOXIDE and water, to produce oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds.

    If the aerosol spraying is being done to help with purported “climate change” problems and “solar radiation management”, why has, as evidence suggests, it been used to induce and maintain severe droughts repeatedly in New Zealand (and elsewhere in the world, such as the food bowl of the US – California), on multiple occasions in recent years? It seems that the aerosol spraying is being used for destructive purposes and being used to create extremes which are then referred to as evidence of climate change.
    For example, when the aerosol spraying became a common and unwelcome sight in Northland, New Zealand in 2010, Northland had its worst drought in decades, then there was another drought in Northland later in 2010, and aerosols were similarly present – and known to be able to induce droughts. Also, in 2013, again there was another severe drought in the North Island, that was reputed to be THE WORST DROUGHT IN HISTORY, which occurred when aerosols were being seen commonly, as posts around NZ websites and Facebook showed. Refer: Likewise, from December 2011 to March 2017, the state of California experienced one of the worst droughts to occur in the region on record. The period between late 2011 and 2014 was the driest in California history since record-keeping began.
    If aerosol constituents are in jet fuel, where are the photos of planes taking off amidst plumes of aerosol trails? Also, how is it that aerosol delivery devices on planes commonly emit trails for short periods – on-off trails? I see commercial planes doing this over Whangarei. Is the engine being turned on and off?

  2. Kim Hann, who lives in Newcastle, Australia wrote on Facebook in regard to the comment above: “We have the worst drought in recorded history here now. Each time good rain has been forecast in the last two weeks, there has been heavy spraying of the atmosphere, which has reduced the rainfall to a few mls.
    As you noted, they create short bursts of plumes now, so it is obvious that this cannot possibly be a contrail.
    It is mind numbing how idiotically horrendous this is.”

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