Caught Them! Hole Punch Cloud Over Snells Beach, north of Auckland, NZ, 8.45 am, 11/1/2019.


While people in the media drone on and on about man-made climate change due to carbon emissions, and insist that something must be done, the evidence to demonstrate that weather modification technology is being employed continues unabated…

Thank-you to Tim Lynch, who took this striking photograph of the unnatural sky over Snells Beach from Martins Bay at 8.45am today. Snells Beach is a small coastal town in the north of Auckland and situated on the eastern coast of the Mahurangi Peninsula.

In the past, while MetService has used the lame cover story that these holes are due to passing aircraft, (eg refer Northern Advocate, April 5th, 2014), this explanation has not accounted for why they have only just started to be seen in recent years in New Zealand and why they are not being seen primarily on major air traffic routes, which is what you would expect, right?

According to trusted and often-quoted on this site award-winning TV weatherman, Scott Stevens who formerly ran Weatherwars.Info, the holes are caused by a flood of negative ions delivered by HAARP or similar technologies, which leads to the weeping cirrus cloud in the centre of the hole.  The flood of negative ions releases static bonds that are holding the clouds together.  The hydrogen and oxygen bonds holding the water molecules together are broken and with the resulting release, moisture falls out of the cloud above.  

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