Start of September 2019 Marked By Numerous Aerosol Trails

The following were taken on September the 1st from Woodhill, Whangarei from 11.10am – midday and show aerosol trails in various stages of dispersal.  These are just a few photos of what was apparent.  By midday, as the fifth photo shows, a haze of particulates covered the sky.


11.10am looking westward from Woodhill.



Looking northwards, 11.14am



Above: 11.26am.  This is one end of the obvious aerosol trail, shown in the previous photo.


Midday, a newly emitted aerosol trail, which evidence indicates was deposited by Nauru Airlines, a Boeing 737.

Identified on

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4 Responses to Start of September 2019 Marked By Numerous Aerosol Trails

  1. Candy Pettus says:

    We had the same in the Hokianga, ‘plane’ coming down from the northwest headed toward Whangarei.  NOTHING on the flight radar.

  2. Candy Pettus says:

    I meant to add that this seems to occur in the 24 hour period before a weather front hits.

    • I have noticed that also, when they appear to be inducing and maintaining a drought, as they did in early 2010 and 2013 for example. Note date, Sept 1st. I have noticed over the years that they seem to follow calenders also.

  3. tim says:

    Quite a few smaller chemtrails over Nelson this afternoon. Obvious chem haze in patches in the morning. Had a few no spraying days earlier in week, actual blue sky, enjoyed that as a rarity these days. Great tool with Flight Radar to show what airline is complicit in the spraying. Worth ringing their CEO and tell him he will be held personally accountable for damages due to health problems from all the particulate being breathed in

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