Australia, The Perfect Firestorm Created By Design

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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2 Responses to Australia, The Perfect Firestorm Created By Design

  1. Darrell SouthCanterburySkyWatch says:

    Words can’t describe adequately how huge these fires are, the amount of land that these “Roman Candles have scorched. In my mind, the eerie thing is…. it has come as no surprise. For a number of years, in many of my amateur videos, I have mentioned the catastrophic conditions that will unfold, but I’m only one grain of sand on a massive beach.
    I just quickly slapped together a image, going back into Oct 2019, of what i can see was more or less the start of these monstrous, catastrophic conditions. its the size, that is hard to get a bearing on, its colossal. I know when i was living in Brisbane, for 14 years, every year i use to travel from Brisbane to Bathurst. That was like 13 hour drive, down the Pacific Highway. Its such a huge place which has turned into “Australias Biggest Barbeque”.

  2. This relates to alleged underlying causes of the Australian bush fires and was posted by Tony Knight on FB.

    This message is From an awake person in Aussie… 😚 the message below is copied :

    “Are we angry enough yet or just rolling our eyes, the following is a post I’ve copied and pasted encapsulating a choice we need to make, is this the kind of world we want ? I think it’s a good idea to follow up with these poor displaced families and see what their towns and homes become – 🤔

    People think this past week has just been about bush fires, but its been about so much more.

    These bush fires are destined to be used as a catalyst to change the face of Australia!

    First of all, its very suspicious that so many fires broke out at the same time, stretching fire services to the limit to try to contain them. There were over 80 fires burning at one stage.

    Secondly, scarcely a month ago, Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian, announced a 75% CUT to funding for rural fire services in NSW which ensured that when the fires broke out there wouldn’t be the resources to deal with them adequately.

    Thousands of residents were told NOT to expect help from the RFS and were left to fend for themselves.

    Thirdly, the fire chief announced at a press conference that “We’ve burnt more than 1 MILLION HECTARES so far this season.” Was that a Freudian slip or a guilty conscience that couldn’t help revealing the real truth? I’ll let you decide.

    Later, we were told that the fires would go on for months. How can anyone predict how long bush fires will continue…unless you are the one orchestrating them?

    And finally, because of the sheer ferocity and devastation, we are now being told that we must rethink how we live, with a push to get people off the land.

    Enter the CLARA company (Consolidated Land and Rail Australia) which made a proposed to Govt in 2017 for a high speed rail train line from Melbourne to Brisbane, including at least 3 SMART cities to be built along with it.

    Interestingly, many of the fires along the east coast correspond to the proposed route for the high speed rail line AND part of the proposal includes setting aside land for this development that cannot be used for anything else. This means that out of the misery and loss of these fires, the Govt and the CLARA company already know that the land is actually being cleared (by fire) to make way for the rail line.

    For those who don’t know, one of the basic aims of AGENDA 21 AND AGENDA 2030 is to remove people from the land and herd them into ‘smart’ cities, connected by high speed rail. No doubt those who have lost property to fires along the proposed rail route, will NOT be allowed to rebuild on their land, but will be encouraged instead, to rebuild within the areas designated for the new smart cities.

    Insurance companies will no longer cover rural housing – too high risk!

    The bottom left photo is from the app “fires near me” showing all the fires along the east coast of Australia… the top tight and bottom left are photos that were with this post originally showing the route the high speed train line is supposedly to take.

    The first photo is the chemtrails been sprayed daily for the last 10 years to my knowledge having been looking up at the sky and only now people are starting to wake up to.

    In the thread I’ll post a photo of the already disclosed weather manipulation system called HAARP that they use to block the rain coming into drop the stricken areas.

    The Greens who are really watermelons 🍉 (green on the outside, red on the inside) are using this orchestrated tragedy for their climate agenda which is disgusting.

    Scomo and all the other politicians (Liberal or Labor) don’t give a crap nor care about the Australian people or the path of destruction they leave to get what they want.

    These Smart Cities built will be habitat zones controlled by a mass surveillance system (5G).

    Everything going on right now from mass immigration proposals, terrorism laws, whistleblower laws, “Hate Speech” laws, China buying up our lands, water privatization, mandatory vaccine agenda & more are all connected.

    You can’t bypass this one & throw all these off as “Climate Change” or disconnected coincidence. It’s time to finally face the confronting fire which is we are under attack & have been for quite some time.

    Our Country has been deliberately burnt & with this so is our rights, freedoms that our ancestors before us fought for.

    I prayer for all those suffering, the lives lost in this Country & that we find the a courage to stick together & fight this tyrannical system.

    Time to face the fire 🔥

    Jason Webster

    Clare Swinney wrote: I asked a friend who lives close to a region the fires have swept through, whose opinion I greatly value, to comment on Tony Knight’s post. She wishes to remain anonymous. She advises the following: “Unfortunately I think it is even worse than that.
    Australia is a corporate fascist paradise, ‘run’ by a combination of thoroughly corrupt and/ or inept ‘politicians’ who are only there for themselves and have no integrity whatsoever. The revolving door between every level of politics and bureaucracy and the mining industry is beyond criminal.
    So many towns have no water at all and have relied on charities for months. At the same time the ‘government’ (illegally) sells off water rights to foreign corporations. Due to extensive fracking, the aquifers that once fed inland rivers have been destroyed. Then there are the HAARP and Nexrad ‘facilities’ that have been breaking up cyclonic systems in the far north of WA (our traditional source of summer rains). This has also been done in other places.
    I know the fires have burned so hot due to the nanoparticulate incendiary coatings that have been building for years (aluminium, strontium, polymers and God only knows what else).
    Morrison is already muttering about changing ‘zoning laws’ (so people will become refugees in their own country and will have all they ever worked for stripped away and palmed off to a foreign corporation (to their personal loss and profit for the ‘government’)
    We have been living in a war zone. Today the conditions eased a little and it’s the first time I’ve left the property (other than to deliver food and drinks to the RFire Service) in three weeks.
    Most people don’t want to know and don’t care. We have fallen over a cliff and they will be shocked when they find out where things are.
    It’s all looking very grim. Only nature, the beautiful animals and wild creatures and my garden, trees and growing things give me hope.

    ***Feel free to share this but sharing has littler reach. Far greater to copy & paste this into your own original post***
    Yesterday at 4:09 PM · Public

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