Smoke Plumes From Australia’s Vast Bush Fires Darken Northland, NZ Sky on the 5th of January

How sad it was to see the scale of the devastating Australian bush fires first hand today in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand.   Even though the savagely fierce blazes are over 2.5 thousand kilometers away,  the fires created such a massive plume of dingy- coloured smoke that sunlight was obscured from the late afternoon on Sunday, the 5th of January, 2020.

The orangy plume became first apparent in Whangarei, Woodhill, shortly after 4pm, when it became strangely darker, like it does on the day of an eclipse.

There was an unearthly orange glow which deepened as the afternoon turned into evening and it felt colder than usual for this time of year.   According to weatherman, Philip Duncan, as reported in, the plume could reduce temperatures by about 4-5 degrees Celsius. (Showing that the sun drives the climate, not carbon dioxide?)

The time of sunset is 8.42pm, but car drivers found it necessary to turn their headlights on a number of hours earlier than usual.   Some drivers had headlights on as early as 4.10pm. Most had headlights on just after 6pm and street lights were seen on early at 6pm.

The occurrence may be used to win sympathy for the climate change agendas, as the Australian bush fires themselves have been, as Australian-based researcher Max Igan explains in his videos Australia The Perfect Firestorm Created By Design’  and  ‘Drought by Design – The Genociding of Australia’

See the photos taken from Whangarei, Woodhill between about 4.10pm and 6.04pm below.

Above: 4.10pm As it started to darken outside, daylight became orange.


Above: 4.49pm looking over Whangarei city from Woodhill.

6.04pm  State Highway 1 from Whangarei.   Street lights came on hours earlier and I saw some drivers choosing to drive with their headlights on shortly after 4pm.  By 6pm most drivers had their headlights on at a time when this would not normally be necessary at this time of year.


6.24pm Sky looking a darker orange. Taken from Woodhill, Whangarei. Looking to the north to the Western Hills.


Australia-New Zealand, 5th January Satellite image from EODIS.  Below: Thanks to Darrell McGrath for supplying this. Satellite image from the 4th of January showing plumes leaving NSW Australia

Bushfire smoke hangs over North Island again,

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