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MUST READ: Why We All Should Drink Silicon-Rich Mineral Water

From: Hippocraticpost, by Professor Chris Exley, 15th March 2017 Over the last 10 years, my team at Keele University has been looking into the effectiveness of drinking water high in silicon to help remove aluminium from the body. Aluminium is … Continue reading

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Why industry propaganda and political interference cannot disguise the inevitable role played by human exposure to aluminum in neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease

From:  Front. Neurol., 27 October 2014 by Christopher Exley The Birchall Centre, Lennard-Jones Laboratories, Keele University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK In the aluminum age, it is clearly unpalatable for aluminum, the globe’s most successful metal, to be implicated in human disease. It … Continue reading

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Etheric Rainmaking with Trevor James Constable

    An environmentally pure technology has been developed to deal with drought effectively. No chemicals or radiation in any form are employed. Etheric rain engineering accesses and technologically employs the chemical ether, which permeates and controls the atmosphere via the … Continue reading

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Much Needed Rain For Northland Bit The Chemdust, 22-2-2020

The rain that fell on Saturday, the 22nd of February,  brought some relief to drought-stricken Northland,  but many places that needed water most, received none or virtually no rain at all.    This video shot on the 21st of February, shows … Continue reading

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Australia is 1 of 47 countries globally that makes rain by cloud seeding (BBC) … why are they not using it to extinguish the fires?

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch:
EWR (EnvirowatchRangitikei) Cloud seeding is a well known tech & is employed all over the world according to a BBC documentary (see video excerpt below). This is going on in 47 countries, including…

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‘Blame game’ taking place as Far North plagued with water issues

This TVNZ video report mentions that NIWA claims that the Far North of New Zealand may have to wait until May or June this year for rain. TVNZ 16 Feb 2020 Avocado orchards have provided much needed jobs to the … Continue reading

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The Elephant in The Sky: An Aerosol Trail 1000kms+ Long To West of North Is, 20-2-2020

A huge aerosol trail, approximately 1000km+ long, which is the approximate distance between Cape Reinga and Christchurch as the crow flies,  is visible in satellite imagery for the morning of Thursday, the 20th of February over the Tasman sea, to … Continue reading

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Low flying C130 Hercules Flew Over Whangarei at 11.10pm approx on 19-2-2020

Shortly after 11pm on Wednesday night, the 19th of February, a C130 flew slowly over Whangarei at low altitude in a south-westerly direction before returning to base in Auckland.   Thank-you to Jacqui for the screenshots from, which are posted … Continue reading

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Photos of Aerosol Blitz over Taumarunui on Friday, Feb. 16th, 2020

Numerous aerosol trails aka “chemtrails” are apparent in these photos sent by Gina from Taumaranui, which is a small rural town in the King Country of the central North Island.    It is a farming area, as Northland is.    Such “chemtrails” … Continue reading

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Man-made Drought Continues – Chemtrail Operations on 16th Before Expected Rain on 17th Feb – Virtually No Rain Falls

Here is more evidence that human intervention is disrupting the hydrological cycle.    I have seen this happening time and time again in recent weeks from Whangarei, Northland and am only reporting on a portion of what I see occurring. Rain … Continue reading

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