Northland’s Rain Robbery/ Drought Update: Massive Aerosol Operations Precede the Rain Forecast for Feb 8th 2020

Above:  Whangarei at 3. 38pm on Feb 8th, 2020.   Rain was forecast by MetService and rain clouds like these were apparent for 4+ hours in Whangarei   Except for a few drops,  no rain fell.

The rain robbery continues here.  Rain was forecast to fall in Northland yesterday, the 8th of February, 2020 and while  rain clouds were apparent for four-plus hours at least,  virtually no rain fell.   Except for a small region between Kaeo and Doubtless Bay which received moderate rainfall according to MetService,  most areas of Northland received no rain or very light rain.   I saw a few drops fall in Whangarei.

The effect of spraying aerosols, ( also known as chemtrails) into the atmosphere on rainfall is well known, as readers of this site already are aware.    When there are too many small particles in the air on which water vapour can condense and form cloud droplets, rain droplets do not develop into a size that will provide a reasonable amount of moisture at ground level, and the water molecules are carried away. For more see: Air Pollution Stops Rain

Hours before the rain was forecast and during the day preceding forecast rain, numerous aerosol trails were apparent from Whangarei, as these photos below show.  The first two photos were taken on the morning of Feb 8th, the day of expected rainfall.

Above:  Day of rain is forecast, Feb 8th at 10.41am taken from Dent Street, Whangarei.
Above: Hours before rain is due, numerous aerosol trails hover in the sky at 11.19am. Taken from Port Rd, Whangarei on Feb 8th, 2020.



Above: Day before.  Looking westward from Whangarei on Feb 7th, 2020 at 9.50am. Many trails appear to be being sprayed in the west.
Above: Also, the day before.   4.55pm on 7th of Feb.  Showing aerosol material dispersing. We are breathing in these toxins.


Wrote Clifford Carnicom, a scientist and a veteran in atmospheric aerosol research, who lives in New Mexico: “Recent analysis leads to the conclusion that the extensive and systematic aerosol operations that are being conducted without informed consent are aggravating, if not instigating, the elevated drought conditions that are now commonly being observed.” –in: ‘Drought Inducement.’ See:

Aerosol trails were apparent regularly throughout January.  The fix was in!  It was to be expected that very little rain fell in Northland in that month, as this chart above from the Northland Regional Council website shows.  Furthermore, according to the Northland Regional Council, rainfall in 2019 was the lowest ever on record for these Northland regions – Kaitaia, Puhipuhi, Ngunguru, Whangārei and Brynderwyn.

More farmers may become insolvent and lose their land and it is quite possible that if these droughts continue worldwide in food growing regions, a food shortage could ensue and food could be rationed as a means of control.  Those who comply with the new rules are allocated food, those who do not, go without.

A similar scenario was forecast before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee Hearings  on June

Robert Fletcher warns Committee in 1995 about weather weapons

15th, 1995  by Robert Fletcher of Noxon, Montana of the Militia of Montana, who testified under oath that he had knowledge of “weather-tampering” technology that the US Government secretly developed for such nefarious purposes.  (You can hear this during a C-Span recording here at 2.10.30: )

Senator Kohl: Mr. Fletcher, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in April 21, you told that Associated Press that the American Government has created weather-tampering techniques so that the New World Order will be able to starve millions of Americans and control the rest. Would you explain what you were trying to say?

Mr. Fletcher: Well, what I was trying to say is exactly what I said. We have a complete package on that which I did not bring, but I certainly will see to it that it is brought in for the record; number one, the entire patents on the equipment; number two, Senator Claiborne Pell’s complete statement and story of his own that not only does it exist, but that we even utilized it as far back as the Vietnam War. You might want to touch base with Senator Pell.

Senator Kohl: That is alright, but I just want to repeat before I turn to—

Mr. Fletcher: So yes, but we do have all the information.

Senator Kohl: You are saying that the Government has created weather-tampering techniques so that the, quote, ”New World Order” will be able to starve millions of Americans—

Mr. Fletcher: Worldwide.

Senator Kohl:  Millions of Americans. And to control the rest?

Mr. Fletcher: Yes sir, that is my belief, as bizarre as that sounds. If somebody told me that the equipment even existed 10 years ago, I would have thought they were nuts, sir; and at this point in time we have all the documents to prove it.   And if you think that 85 tornadoes takes place in the middle of our growing area by simultaneous accident, I am sorry.   With the equipment that is already set up internationally – and as bizarre as that is, it is proven and documented.   We will supply you with those documents…I would say that weather wars and this is quoting actually Senator Claiborne Pell himself, are the greatest weapon ever created in this world.

NIWA is claiming that the drought conditions are due to “climate change”.   NIWA is a propagandist for the rain robbers.


Drought inducement is listed as one of the objectives on a 1996 Air Force document about weather control titled: “Weather as a Force Multiplier – Owning the Weather in 2025..     It provides insights into what was planned for this century.

This website has addressed some of the types of anomalies present in satellite imagery during droughts at the link here in prior posts.

Northland ‘on the cusp’ of drought with record low rainfall and no significant rain forecast


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4 Responses to Northland’s Rain Robbery/ Drought Update: Massive Aerosol Operations Precede the Rain Forecast for Feb 8th 2020

  1. truthshallsetmefree says:

    Now that I have become more aware and awake to geoengineering I can’t help notice the activities going on above us in North Canterbury, sometimes days of it then days without. But definitely noticeable the last few weeks and it is very dry here with extreme fire risk and fire bans. Interesting a couple of days that Metservice forecast to be sunny, not a cloud to be seen until clouds were formed by planes flying over which eventually covered the entire sky, which I recorded by the way. Each time there is an intense “crop dusting” I call it, we have odd changes of weather that tend to follow, eg. hail and tornado that hit Chch. Very concerning and leaves me wondering how it ties in with 5G and now Coronavirus

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