Award-winning Documentary Maker & Activist, Michael J Murphy Passed Away In Sleep

Michael J Murphy

Sadly, Michael J Murphy,  former President at Truth Media Productions and maker of the ground-breaking documentaries,  ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’ (2010) and ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’ (2012), passed away in his sleep in his home state of Illinois on the 22nd of July.

Michael J Murphy was an award-winning director and producer, a political activist and the President of The Coalition Against Geoengineering.    It was his idea to make What In The World Are They Spraying?,  a film which woke up millions of people worldwide to the threat of geoengineering.   It is far more widely known now that the atmosphere is being poisoned globally with aluminium, barium and strontium, than it was a decade ago, thanks in large part to his trail-blazing work.  His catch phrase “Keep looking up!”   led many to pay closer attention to their skies.

He was working on his third film about chemtrails in 2015, ‘An Unconventional Shade of Grey’ ,   which he wrote would  address ways that we, as a movement, can take legal steps in demanding that all climate change laws, treaties and mandates are immediately rescinded until all geoengineering programs are stopped. It is only then that we can truly determine if the planet is warming.”              Unfortunately, this important documentary was never completed.   In November, 2015 he wrote that he was in the final process of production and shared some interview clips made for  Shade of Grey, but this call to action came to a halt.

He phoned me in November, 2014, and during the call he said that he had been using drugs to help him handle the numerous interviews he was being called on to do.

People sought out his thoughts on geoengineering and looked to him for advice on what action to take to get atmospheric aerosol spraying stopped.    He spoke very well during his numerous interviews.   Michael was a fabulous communicator who had an easy to understand way of conveying his ideas, both verbally and in writing.  He wrote very good articles,  a better  known one being What In The World Are They Spraying?

However,  as is typical of the way addictive drugs work, instead of enhancing his output,  they steered Michael off course.  We heard less and less from him as time went by and some of his messages revealed that the Michael we knew had gone.

I first learned of his death from fellow anti-geoengineering activist, Andrew Bridgman, who advised that he was notified by a High School friend of Michael’s that he had passed away.  He was only fifty-years old.

March 20th 1970 – July 22nd 2020.

Rest in peace, dear brave Michael J Murphy.   You were an inspiration, a warrior for truth, a trail-blazer and a great film maker.  Thank-you for all your invaluable work.  You were a true hero.



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10 Responses to Award-winning Documentary Maker & Activist, Michael J Murphy Passed Away In Sleep

  1. Marian Sutherland says:

    Thankyou so much for letting us know about Michael, Clare.
    I have thought of him often since he encountered his struggles, and hoped he might possibly recover.The seeds he has sown through his documentaries and much more, will continue to bear fruit long after he has gone, and like you, I have big respect and gratitude for his contribution towards making this world a better place.
    Michael was much loved by many of us for the reasons you mention beautifully in your article. I’m genuinely feeling tearful and quite shattered right now at hearing this sad news.

  2. Jodie Foster says:

    I am really uncertain why everyone feels a need to put out there that he was using drugs. Do we say this when an obese person dies? Had all the people who were asshats on Michael’s page been supportive over these last few years perhaps his situation would have ended differently. Sad to see so many swarming his page now that he is gone rather than in his time of need.

    “Remember friend as you walk by As you are now so once was I As I am now you will surely be Prepare thyself to follow me.”

    Michael was an inspiration who changed many lives in a positive way. We woke hundreds of thousands to the problem of geoengineering and never called out those who publicly harassed him he always turned the other cheek. He is a hero and will live on not only through his work and activism but through God of All Michael’s energy and spirit return to the Whole.

  3. DianeDi says:

    How very sad. Thank you for sharing.
    God Bless us all.

  4. Pete says:

    Thanks for delivering this news, that couldn’t of been easy.
    Heartbroken to hear it.
    We will never give up !

  5. knkbooc says:

    Another beautiful soul who sacrificed himself, in an attempt to awaken the rest of us. I have infinite gratitude for that. May Michael’s soul rest in eternal peace!

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our awareness, Clare.

  6. Bonnie Vachter says:

    I’ve stood up for him many of times when the Goody2$hoes of the Anti Chemtrail Activists world..were putting him down puplicaly for using drugs and were throwing him under the bus like yesterday’s garbage! Like none of them had anything hiding in their closets!
    If everyone said he had a disease like Melanoma..(.for example) people from all around world be knocking at his door with Gifts and Comfort! He Was using drugs.. so let’s kick him to the curb We can look Holyier than Thou!
    Not many can say they gave as much as he did..or even tried!
    RIP wishing you Blue Skies Forever

    • Thank-you for sharing your observations. In regard to this I feel the need to state that perhaps some people were rightly concerned that when Michael received donations for his film making, it was being spent on the poison that was killing him.

  7. Stewart Howe says:

    Michael was my friend. He would not accept help for his situation despite several attempts to help him find recovery, as I did many years ago. I’m sad to find out he’s gone. We worked on his first film together, after I persuaded him and some other activist friends to join me at the 2010 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) four day conference it San Diego, 2010. The topic that year was Geoengineering. The worlds top scientists laid it all out. Astounding. Michael was a Champ. He came, he saw, he ran with the story all the way through two films before he succumbed to what I know from personal experience, amounts to being attacked on many levels. From without and from within. You fought the good fight my friend. Rest in peace. Thank you Clare, for posting this.

    • marian says:

      Thanks so much Stewart, for adding your valuable insight as a friend of Michael.
      ” Attacked from without and from within ” is a confirmation of what I perceived and suspected.

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