Cargo Plane En Route To Hong Kong From Auckland, Dumps Chemtrail Over Upper Northland at 11.20pm

11.20pm, December 31, 2020, passing DHL cargo plane leaves chemtrail

From John of Doubtless Bay, Northland, New Zealand.

On New Year’s Eve, John, a contributor to this website, was sitting outside at a fairly high altitude above Doubtless Bay, in the Far North. Doubtless Bay is a bay situated on the east coast of the Northland Region, north-east of Kaitaia, in New Zealand. He had an amazing outlook on a still clear night with a full moon and then the deliberate pollution of the sky sullied the evening. “I saw a blatant act of chemical dumping across the beautiful night sky at 11.20pm. The photo isn’t the best, but it was quite a sight.”

The front line is just the moon ray which was taken by my phone.
The less defined on at the rear is the chemtrail. I know its not the best photo, but cripes it was very defined in real! The plane was visible for about 5 minutes afterwards going north. It looked to have stopped emitting the trail by the time it got near the end of land!
There were 7 of us at the gathering last night. Other people took pictures of it but I don’t know them personally. One was a DOC worker from Kerikeri!

It was a Boeing 747-87UF, operated by Polar Air, a cargo plane traveling from Auckland to Hong Kong according to “Skulduggery!” writes John.

In June 2020 Polar Air Cargo became a member of Pharma.Aero, a global cross-industry association, aligning members to collaborate and enhance end to end air transportation of pharmaceuticals, including the “covid-19” vaccine.

Polar Air Cargo Worldwide Inc., a subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, is an American cargo airline based in Purchase, New York.[2]

DHL Delivers First Batch of COVID-19 Vaccines to Singapore

DHL completes Polar Air deal

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