Man-made Drought Looms For Many Parts of New Zealand Again?

This video includes an audio from NewsTalkZB news from the 19th of January read by Niva Retimanu regarding the dry conditions that are prevalent in many parts of New Zealand currently.
Northland, Tauranga, Waikato, southern Hawkes Bay, Stewart Island, Wellington, Southland, parts of Auckland and Otago are in need of significant rainfall in the next few weeks, according to Ben Knowles of NIWA.

Tauranga’s water supply has already hit a record low and Southland has introduced water restrictions. Some other Councils will introduce restrictions also if rain is not forthcoming soon.

The effect of spraying atmospheric aerosols, (also known as chemtrails) into the upper atmosphere on rainfall is well known, as readers of this site know.    When there are too many small particles in the air on which water vapour can condense and form cloud droplets, rain droplets do not develop into a size that will provide a reasonable amount of moisture at ground level, and the water molecules are carried away. For more information on this topic see this article: Air Pollution Stops Rain

Images of aerosol trails and aerosol clouds are included in the video to show that the weather is being manipulated. Photos shown were taken in Whangarei, Hamilton and Cambridge. Thank-you to Leone Pratt for providing the photos for Hamilton and Cambridge for January, 2022.

Drought inducement is listed as one of the objectives on a 1996 Air Force document about weather control titled: “Weather as a Force Multiplier – Owning the Weather in 2025..     It provides insights into what was planned for this century.

This website has addressed some of the types of anomalies present in satellite imagery during droughts at the link here in prior posts.

Northland ‘on the cusp’ of drought with record low rainfall and no significant rain forecast

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3 Responses to Man-made Drought Looms For Many Parts of New Zealand Again?

  1. Bertha Quayle says:

    The same here in southern Spain , now into ninth month with no rain to speak of since spring 2021 !

  2. Nathan Aranui says:

    Hi, there’s been two drops of chemtrail one on the feb 28 1am morning nearly the whole east coast of Hawkesbay was affected and today at 10am mar7 2022 soon as the plane reached over Mohaka wairoa area the plane seemed to drop dwn lower to the area leaving a Chem trail heading dwn towards the ground then back to a vertical

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