Robert Deutsch: More On The Unnatural-Looking Storm Building Off The East Coast of Auckland

This is part of a film Robert Deutsch posted on FB on March the 12, 22 at 1.15AM:

The original film is posted on here:
Deutsch shows evidence of an unnatural-looking storm building off the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand near Auckland, where he believes it will hit.
He advises that there is evidence to show that Chinese vessels are being used to emit EMFs to effect the New Zealand weather and shows a news item from June 2018 which includes a photo of a Chinese ship parked in the port of Suva, Fiji that he says is fitted with EMF-producing equipment.

This story he shows on screen is the following: ‘Chinese vessel believed to be spy ship docks next to HMAS Adelaide in Fiji‘:

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5 Responses to Robert Deutsch: More On The Unnatural-Looking Storm Building Off The East Coast of Auckland

  1. Dear Rob, Thank You for all your Resaearch and Service.
    Please Consider Getting over to Alt Platforms.
    I’ve been Reposting your Warnings on The Crowhouse Forum
    and Bit Chute.

    Geez Now I have to Log In here to trya and Post to You.
    🙏🥰 Rob

    • Hi Cassandra, If you wish to contact Robert directly, use his FB page, here: Thank-you.

      • Yes, Thank You Clare, But That’s the Problem.
        I Wouldn’t Touch Fed-Book with Your Barge Pole.
        That is what I was trying to Communicate.
        Those of us that Watch Rob, Don’t Use the Alphabet Systems and Platforms.
        They ARE the Problem and the Deep State’s Tools.
        Please forward my Messages to him if you can as we’d Love to See him on Rumble, Bit Chute or Brand New Tube even as that is a British Alternative Platform hosted by Mr Mohammed Butt.
        I Repost nearly All his Videos Relevant to Australia on The Crowhouse Forum which is a Private Alt Forum on The Crowhouse, Max Igan’s Site.
        Love Cassandra 🥰 🙏

      • Hi Cassandra,
        Thanks for your message. If you want to see his work on Rumble, Bitchute and Brand New Tube, there is a simple solution – you download his videos and then upload them to those platforms. You may be surprised at how easy it is. You may also be surprised to learn that people do indeed watch Robert’s work on Facebook. This video, regarding Australia at the link, has had over 21,000 views and been shared over 900 times:
        All the best, Clare

      • Thank You Lovely Clare, I Shall!
        I am Sure Many Watch Rob on FB.
        I Left there Long Ago and now Blocked.
        Thank You for All You are Doing.
        X Cassie in OZ 🥰🙏

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