Mark Steele: COVID Jabs, Chemtrails & 5G Are Part of Same Weapons Program

Inventor, technologist and anti-5G campaigner, Mark Steele of Gateshead, which is in the north east of England, made a video to talk about some of the functions of chemtrails.

Many people have noticed that the aerosol spraying has been particularly heavy in their regions lately. There will be a number of reasons for this.

Mark Steele notes that the magnetic fields produced by what is in the COVID jabs are going to attract the nanometals in the chemtrails that people are breathing in. The COVID jabs set up a magnetic field attraction at the injection site where minute self-replicating antennas are being created he says.

He also says that the chemtrails and the 5G network (and other devices emitting radiofrequency radiation) are being used to raise the temperature in order to win support for the “man-made global warming” hoax, plus the chemtrails are being used to destroy agriculture and destroy the integrity of the ozone layer (O3), a layer which helps to protect the planet from dangerous radiation.

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Video: MARK ANTHONY STEELE: Killer bio weapon – Share with everyone to warn them


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