Robert Deutsch: Major Flooding Event Begins For North Island of New Zealand & Forecast for Australia

Robert Deutsch predicts there will be devastating flooding for the Gisborne-Napier region in coming days. He shows that the North Island is going to be hit by a large atmospheric river of moisture, that has been brought to New Zealand artificially by a process of weather engineering, (geoengineering).
He said “the winds are not going to be pleasant, either.” There will be four days of solid geo-storming.
Deutsch is a weather forecaster who describes how beams of electromagnetic radiation and atmospheric aerosols (chemtrails/chembombs) can be used to manipulate wind speeds, rain patterns, temperatures and atmospheric highs and lows. He produced this video at approximately 8.30am (NZT) on the 19th of September, 2022.

Why is the weather being manipulated? There is a war against humanity going on and as a part of this, the weather is being engineered to win sympathy for anti-human, anti-freedom “climate change” agendas. Help to expose the truth!

Watch the film on Bitchute here:

The video was uploaded to Facebook on his personal page here:

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1 Response to Robert Deutsch: Major Flooding Event Begins For North Island of New Zealand & Forecast for Australia

  1. Thank-you to a friend who lives in the Gisborne-Napier region, who sent this update yesterday, Wednesday, Sept 21st at about 6pm: “We had a massive rainfall this afternoon with lots of hail- flooding across the roads and people filming it from the shelter of shop doors (I was in town at the time). Then sunshine and calm….and now we’re currently in another very heavy shower.
    I called off my youngest going on a day trip skiing with her correspondence school group thanks to your info Clare. Although Whakapapa was open, I expect it was miserable, as it was raining all day, and the thought of my precious baby being on a bus on the Napier/Taupo road on her way home right now in anything like what we’re getting now makes me shiver- thank you!!!
    Those storm clouds were spectacular!
    P.S. even my cynical eldest grudgingly said maybe there was something in the artificial nature of this afternoon’s hail and rain (!)”

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