Korean-bound Planes Spray Over Northland Again

Thank-you to John, a Whangarei-based signwriter, for sending these photos of chem dumps from his trip up to the Far North on Saturday, the 27th May, 2023.

The first photo, which was taken from Kaeo, Northland, shows a trail left by a Korean Air Boeing 777, which John identified using Flightradar24.com, as the second image shows.

Furthermore, John sent the photo above and wrote: “I’m in Kaingaroa right now and have seen a 2nd one going north!” John checked on Flightradar24.com again and found that this was an Air NZ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner en route to Korea, also.

If you need an awake signwriter, contact John at Sign HQ.

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Podcast: Dr. Rob Williams on geoengineering, the history of weather modification, and what’s really going on up there

From TerrainTheory.net Dr Williams is an environmentalist and co-founder of OurGeoengineeringAge.org, an organization taking an evidence-based approach to exploring “our planet’s most pressing yet under-reported global environmental issue.”

In this conversation with Rob we discuss:

  • The history of geoengineering
  • How OGA came to be
  • What’s really going on up there
  • The chemistry and physics behind weather modification
  • The difference between contrails and “chemtrails”
  • What we can do about it

Learn more about Rob at OurGeoengineeringAge.org and at ThePeakFlow.com

Terrain Theory episodes are not to be taken as medical advice. You are your own primary healthcare provider.

More: https://www.terraintheory.net/blogs/podcast/episode-68-dr-rob-williams-on-geoengineering-the-history-of-weather-modification-and-whats-really-going-on-up-there

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Center of Storm Approaching NZ Had 90-Degree Angles

Today, using satellite imagery of water vapour, WeatherWatchTV‘s meteorologist, Philip Duncan, pointed to the center of the low pressure system over the Tasman Sea, which is approaching New Zealand. While it clearly has an angular appearance, as the screenshot below shows, Duncan remained tight-lipped about it. This phenomenon can not be explained away as a ‘natural’ or a ‘normal’ occurrence. Here is evidence of a form strategic manipulation used to increase the angular momentum of the weather system. Watch it happen in the video.

See the report here:

Possibly related:

Former Chief Meteorologist at KTKA-TV, Scott Stevens, of the now archived website Weatherwars.Info, wrote of the appearance of clouds with straight lines in 2004: “The oddest clouds, the most altered clouds, are found under the westerlies-the steering currents that drive our weather at these latitudes.” Look at the archived Weatherwars.Info at the Wayback Machine for more examples of strange clouds in conjunction with an interpretation of what is occurring, from a meteorologist who acknowledges that chemtrails are a genuine phenomenon. You can also find him on FB.

Dutchsinse: 3/11/2012 — Scalar Square and HAARP ring outbreak = Kentucky , Ohio, W. Virginia

Nigel Gray: I Predict Pulsing Will Lead To Extreme Weather This Week

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Robert Deutsch: EMFs Steer Another Potentially Destructive Weather System Towards New Zealand

The aggressive use of weather modification technology continues. Be prepared. A storm front is heading for New Zealand and as Robert Deutsch shows in the first few minutes of this video, it appears to be a cyclonic system that was steered in our direction using massive beams of electromagnetic radiation and a multitude of atmospheric aerosols deployments.

Robert Deutsch uses his personal knowledge and screen shots from Windy.com, http://www.bom.gov.au/, and MIMIC TPW (http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/mtpw2/product.php?color_type=tpw_nrl_colors&prod=ausf&timespan=24hrs&anim=html5), among other sources, to provide a disturbing picture of what is predicted to occur over this weekend around New Zealand. It is weather that will suit the goals of the World Economic Forum…

In this video, Deutsch is again asking for Kiwis to use litmus paper to test their rainwater and advise him of their results. When doing this, bear in mind that while pure distilled water has a pH of 7.0, which is ‘neutral’, unpolluted rainwater is weakly acidic with a pH of 5.6 approximately, because of the ionization of dissolved carbon dioxide. This is natural and nothing to be concerned about.

As mentioned in a previous post, according to California-based Master gardener and retired USDA Biologist, Frances Mangels, the pH of rainwater rises from 5.5 to 6.8-7.0 in association with significant atmospheric aerosol spraying activity, which naturally alters the pH of the soil.   When the pH rises this equates to the rainwater being LESS acidic, not more so, as the diagram below depicts.

Mangels advises that this may be due to a variety of compounds in the atmospheric aerosols, including aluminium hydroxide,  Al(OH)3, which is a very good buffering agent, (used to treat symptoms of increased stomach acid.)    He has found significant increases in rainwater pH and therefore decreases in the acidity, about two or three days after seeing atmospheric aerosol trail spraying.


To donate to Robert Deutsch & support his work: paypal.me/robertdeutsch

Find Robert Deutsch on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/robert.deutsch.9081/videos/954323728890039/

The Demise of Rainwater

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Wellington Rain Radar Returns After Major Upgrade

One News, Tuesday. May 2, 2023.

Wellington’s rain radar is up and running again after a being offline for two months to undergo a significant upgrade.

This is the sixth radar in MetService’s network of 10 radars that now operates dual polarisation technology. The remaining four will be upgraded, also.

The new $2.1 million radar provides real-time rain observations for the central North Island, and the upper South Island.

“The upgraded radar provides more detailed information for our meteorologists such as the size and shape of precipitation (raindrops, hailstones or snowflakes), which means we have a much clearer picture of what’s happening in the atmosphere during a weather event,” said Metservice’s Chief Executive Stephen Hunt.

More: https://www.1news.co.nz/2023/05/02/wellington-rain-radar-online-again-after-major-upgrade/

Metservice on Facebook.com ,Tues, 3 May 2023:

After a major upgrade, Wellington’s rain radar is back online

The new radar provides central New Zealand with enhanced real-time rain observations, particularly important during severe weather events. The radar uses the latest dual polarisation technology which allows meteorologists to identify different types of precipitation, be it rain, hail or snow.

With a spell of wet weather on the way for the capital from Wednesday evening, MetService meteorologists and the public will have a keen eye on the new radar imagery through this week.

See video: https://www.facebook.com/MetService/videos/2567045903443253


Dual-polarimetric radar transmits and receives pulses in both a horizontal and vertical orientation. As a result, the returning frequencies provide measurements of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of targets, supplying forecasters with better estimates of the size, shape, and variety of targets.

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Memorial Function For Betty Hooper on May 7th, 2023

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Korean Air Boeing 777 Emits Stop-Start Trail Over Whangarei, 10.45am, April 20, 2023

A Boeing 777-2B5(ER) aircraft, registration: HL7766, operating for Korean Air, on flight KE412, traveling from Auckland to Seoul on April the 20th, left a stop-start trail over Whangarei when it flew over at about 10.45am. The aircraft was identified in real time using Flightradar24.com. The image from Flightradar24.com below was taken some time after the initial identification.

The trail expanded and became cloud-like material, as the last photo shows.

The aircraft cut through a layer of what appears to be faux cloud. See photos.

Whangarei, from Woodhill, 10.45am, 20th April, 2023
Screenshot from Flightradar24.com from playback of flight track.
10 minutes after being emitted. Bright-white trail expanded and became cloud-like. See part of trail showing behind what appear to be clouds in middle of photo.

More: Stop-Start Trail Over Nelson On July 27

Air NZ Plane Emits Stop-Start Aerosol Trail Over Whangarei 

Korean Air Emits Aerosol Trail Over Northland, (Again) March 16, 2022

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Elana Freeland Shares 7 Operations of GeoEngineering & more.

Here’s the link for Elana’s books
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Lawyer, Sue Grey Presents to Government Committee on (Trojan Horse) Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Bill, March 30th, 2023

From what lawyer, Sue Grey LLB (Hons), B.Sc. describes in this presentation, this Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Bill may well be a Trojan horse for subverting existing laws, by way of using loopholes and avoiding due process, unless the reigns are pulled back tightly on it.

The new legislation, the Severe Weather Emergency Legislation Act 2023, can be read here https://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/2023/0004/latest/whole.html. While it may seem benign at first glance, it is anything but, according to Sue Grey.

It appears to be designed to allow for the top-down control of those dealing with an emergency declared by the government and much more says Grey, who is co-leader of the NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party. Grey has studied the Bill’s contents and contends that it has got the potential for huge abuse of power.

Very little time was given for the public to comment on their opinion of this legislation. Offers Grey: “The speed is ridiculous, too and they only had submissions open for half a day…They only shared it yesterday morning!!!”

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Betty Hooper, Chemtrails Activist & Educator, Died At Age 103

Educator and activist, Betty Hooper of Hikurangi, Northland, passed away peacefully at the age of 103-years old on March the 21st, 2023 at Merrivale Retirement Village.

Betty, who was born on February the 7th, 1920, touched has many people’s lives. She was bravely outspoken on a number of important issues including chemtrails, vaccine-induced injuries, that ritalin was not the solution to ADD and ADHD, that many additives in food can be harmful and that we should all be using homeopathic treatments.

A woman of great vitality, Betty had many feathers in her cap, including that she was a founding member of Grey Power in Whangarei and was awarded a Civic Honours from the Whangarei District Council in 2020 for giving of her time and energy selflessly for most of her life to the benefit of her communities.

It was Betty Hooper who suggested that we should start a chemtrails watch group in Whangarei in early-January 2010 and this led to the Northland New Zealand Chemtrails Watch website kicking off then.

Betty originally learned about chemtrails from a lady called Betty Rowe, whom she spent a week with on Arapawa Island in the Marlborough Sounds in 2008 because of an interest they shared in goats. Said Betty: “On my second day there she said: “Look at that,” and pointed to three long trails in the sky, running north to south and said they were “chemtrails”.

When she told me what they were, I found it hard to believe and it wouldn’t have dawned on me something was wrong unless she’d told me.”

Betty Hooper was the last person to have visited Betty Rowe on the island before she fell into a coma. Sadly, Betty Rowe passed away on May the 18th, 2008. Fortunately however, the information she imparted lives on.

A gargantuan thank-you to Betty Hooper for her invaluable contributions. She was a very special woman who helped to change many lives for the better.

See a tribute video here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YqCHGI3eCoEn/


Why Is Aluminium In The Rainwater? Weather engineering & Chemtrails, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTaZRLbKB8o

The Causes Of ADD & ADHD – Why Ritalin Is Not The Solution:

Betty Hooper on TV3’s Story on Nov 23, 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szcpU-qd2k4

Northland’s Betty Hooper turns 100 and still as sharp as ever. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/northlands-betty-hooper-turns-100-and-still-as-sharp-as-ever/AL2CSBX3KZKWQ44S2CLORMZYAE/

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