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Robert O Young, PhD, DSc, Naturopathic Practitioner on The Vinny Eastwood Show on Corona Virus, Chemtrails, 5G and More Vinny Eastwood SUPERCHAT HERE: Dischord link for call in/audio only DONATION OPTIONS BELOW Please Subscribe to the backup channel PS We’ve been demonetised! We need your support now more than ever! DONATE! Paypal buttons at … Continue reading

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LED STREET LIGHTS – What Are The Major Health Concerns? A Presentation by Dr Damian Wojcik

‘Why is there a presentation about LED street lighting on a chemtrails-related website?’   Answer:  There is evidence of a multi-faceted quiet war system being used against humanity which incorporates a host of sophisticated, disruptive, harmful and destructive technologies – … Continue reading

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Senator Colbeck Testifies Against 5G: Hearing 2018

Although not strictly on topic, this is a well-articulated and succinct presentation by Senator Patrick Colbeck regarding the proven harmful effects of microwave radio-frequency radiation.  What he does not mention is that we have been breathing in metals, an electrified … Continue reading

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