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Twin Propeller Aircraft Sprays Aerosol Trail Over Whangarei 27 July 2016?

There were a number of short aerosol trails in the sky above Whangarei this morning.   This aerosol trail  seems to have been emitted from an aircraft flying at low altitude traveling from north to south at about 9.55am. A check … Continue reading

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New Billboard To Raise Awareness of Chemtrails Up In Toronto

Anti-chemtrails activist Suzanne Maher wrote on Facebook yesterday, the 23rd of July, 2016: BILLBOARD UP IN TORONTO! This little guy went up in Toronto last week. He is at the Danforth and Donlands for 8 weeks!  We called this little … Continue reading

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MUST HEAR: Researcher Malcolm Scott – New Zealand’s Climate of Secrecy – July, 2016

Please share this post.  Mike Williams recently interviewed Christchurch-based post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott about the manner the New Zealand government has been responding to queries about aerosol operations aka “chemtrails.”

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Canterbury: Aerosol Trail & a Contrail at a higher altitude, in the same photo

This photo was taken by post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott at approximately 5.05pm on Saturday the 9th of July 2016 over Lake Ellesmere, Canterbury. Offers Mr Scott: “In the center of the picture there is a tiny contrail from another aircraft … Continue reading

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Lost Arts Radio – Frequency Weapons Used on the Public – Barrie Trower & Ken Rohla, 18 July, 1pm NZT

On Monday the 18th of July at 1pm NZT Barrie Trower and Ken Rohla will both be on Lost Arts Radio talking to host, Richard Sacks about frequencies used against the public and potential countermeasures that can help us minimize … Continue reading

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South Canterbury Sky Watch On Chembows

This is the latest video from South Canterbury Sky Watch, aka Darrell, who is based in Timaru, which is a major port city in the southern Canterbury region of New Zealand, located 157 kilometers southwest of Christchurch. He offers: Once … Continue reading

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Lost Arts Radio – Maximize Your Resistance & More – 6/20/16

Published on 21 Jun 2016 A Lost Arts Radio Special Event Announcement! On Monday, June the 20th, 2016, Lost Arts Research Institute had a class on how to maximize your resistance to Wi-fi, chemtrails and other environmental hazards. This show … Continue reading

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New Bye Bye Blue Sky Chemtrails Billboard – Windsor, Ontario!   June 19, 2016,  By Suzanne Maher Thanks to the brilliant efforts of activist Bernadette Gervais Greene, founder of G.A.G. Canada, a new Bye Bye Blue Sky billboard in Windsor, Ontario has now gone up.  A a 10′ x … Continue reading

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More on that “dark oily-looking” Aerosol Trail Shown in the Otago Daily Times on June the 15th

Further to yesterday’s post regarding the Otago Daily Times (ODT) publishing a photo of a “dark oily-looking” aerosol trail,  we received additional information from Barbara Hearn, who lives in the Dunedin suburb of St Leonards who said the trail was … Continue reading

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Otago Daily Times Includes Image of Aerosol Trail Described As “Dark Oily-looking”

In the 15th of June, 2016 edition of the Otago Daily Times in The Wash section by Dave Cannan were these images of aerosol trails with a description of what Maria Aiau called a really dark oily-looking trail she photographed from … Continue reading

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