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Sage of Quay Interviews Michael Murphy – His New Film: An UNconventional Shade of Grey – A Call To Acion

Tonight Michael Murphy returns to the show. In tonight’s discussion Michael will talk to us about his new film ‘An UNconventional Shade of Grey’ which he promises will take a very deep dive into the Geoengineering agenda which includes dispersal … Continue reading

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Help Send Michael Murphy To The Parisian Climate Meeting

From: Subject: Help Send Michael Murphy to France Climate Meeting Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 11:05:38 -0400 Dear Fellow Activists, “Our Common Future Under Climate Change, International Scientific Conference”, in Paris, France July 7-10, 2015 is the climate … Continue reading

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NZ Mainstream Media Delivered Article – ‘TPP: Is it the Death of Democracy and the Birth of ‘Corporatocracy’?’

Independent journalist, Peter Drew sent a letter and an article about the TPPA to the New Zealand media outlets listed on May the 18th, 2015. The popular website  has published it. Well done to Peter for this outstanding effort … Continue reading

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Ken Calderia Questioned On His Statements Regarding Chemical & Germ Warfare

By Patrick Roddie on, 10 May, 2015. I’m worried about Ken Calderia. Perhaps he huffs nano-particulate aluminum because he keeps forgetting that when he worked at a Government weapons lab, [the Lawrence Livermore Lab], he discussed “adding pathogens to … Continue reading

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Open Letter To All Geoengineering Activists And Advocates For Chemtrail-Free Skies

Not new, but posted by Michael Murphy on his Facebook page today: Chemtrails photographed over Dry Lake, California Open Letter To All Geoengineering Activists And Advocates For Chemtrail-free Skies.By Michael J Murphy, April 13 2015. Dear Fellow Activist, It is … Continue reading

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Your Chance To Ask The Government A Question About Aerosols?

A press release from the New Zealand Green Party today invites members of the public to get involved and ask a question regarding climate change that they can then ask the Government.   This is your opportunity to ask a question … Continue reading

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Earth Day Chemtrails & Other Man-Made Cloud Formations, April 22, 2015

This video shows the sky on Earth Day from Whangarei to show how prevalent evidence of weather engineering technology is.   While the public is being told they are to blame for extremes in climate, such as droughts because of their … Continue reading

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Two GeoEngineering Activists Are Putting The Gov’t in a State of Panic! Eye-Opening Interview! You Won’t Believe The Evidence We Gathered Against Them!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 8:05, By Lisa Haven   By now you have witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from horizon to horizon, ultimately turning our once beautiful blue heavens into a murky haze. We can … Continue reading

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Large Protest Event in Bologna, Italy Against Chemtrails

Published on Apr 18, 2015 There was a significant anti-chemtrails protest in Bologna, Italy on April the 18th, 2015.  Well done to all those involved.  They certainly helped to raise awareness of this crime.

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Lost Arts Radio – Special Guests Alexandra May Hunter & Elana Freeland

In case you missed this show of March the 21st, 2015 with environmental law specialist and activist, Alexandra May Hunter and author, Elana Freeland on The Real Chemtrails/Geoengineering Story and Action Update, here it is.

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