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Scientists mark 300 years since last great Alpine Fault quake – preparing for the ‘inevitable’

Michael Daly 08:59, Sep 11 2018 Scientists say the last major Alpine Fault earthquake, in 1717, brought long-term disruption across the South Island and “there will be a similar earthquake soon”. The 1717 quake is estimated to have had a magnitude of around … Continue reading

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Dutchsinse: 9/10/2018 — Major Earthquake Activity underway – Spread of M7.0 + M6.0 — New Zealand to Indonesia

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MUST HEAR: Researcher Malcolm Scott – New Zealand’s Climate of Secrecy – July, 2016

Please share this post.  Mike Williams recently interviewed Christchurch-based post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott about the manner the New Zealand government has been responding to queries about aerosol operations aka “chemtrails.”

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Was Hugo Chavez Right About HAARP & The HAITI Earthquake? Is Weather Even Natural Anymore?

EventChronicle, May 10, 2016. By Arjun Walia Hugo Chavez was the 64th president of Venezuela and a politician for many years before that, and he served as president for 14 years, until his death in March of 2013. The official story … Continue reading

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Video: Shaken To The Core, Christchurch

South Canterbury Sky Watch,  Published on 25th April, 2014. Having been away from Christchurch, it was quite a shock to see the destruction that had taken place from these earthquakes that struck. Having known Christchurch as a busy, bustling city … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media On The Earthquake lights phenomenon

TV3   3 Jan 2014 Earthquake lights, such as those that accompanied Canterbury’s 7.1 magnitude quake in September 2010, may one day help predict the approach of a major quake, says a Canadian geologist. A new study published in the latest … Continue reading

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Sarah Miles, Author of ‘The Christchurch Fiasco’ Talks To Vinny Eastwood

MRNEWSguerillamedia, Uploaded 25 April, 2013. Vinny Eastwood talks to insurance activist,Sarah Miles, who is the author of  The Christchurch Fiasco: the Insurance Aftershock and its Implications for New Zealand and Beyond.  After the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010-2012, she was astounded to find that when … Continue reading

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‘HAARP’ TTA’s in Antarctica and Australia Creating Havoc for New Zealand?

revmichellehopkins, Published on 12 Feb. 2013 New Zealand is being targeted using Tesla technology that can cause earthquakes. It is a form of political pressure by the UN and Austalia.

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‘Artificial’ earthquake detected at site of 2009 North Korean nuke test

12 February, 2013  RT Apparently man-made seismic activity has been detected in North Korea, South Korean Yonhap news agency reported. The United States Geological Survey confirms a 4.9 magnitude earthquake at a depth of exactly one kilometer in North Korea’s … Continue reading

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‘HAARP’ Type TTA’s – Attempt To SET OFF RING OF FIRE with Domino Effect EARTHQUAKES?

TTA = Tesla Tech Arrays. The video refers to chemtrails being used to prepare the area for the use of the weapon. revmichellehopkins  19th January, 2013.

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