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‘Ploughed Field’ Clouds Over Twizel, NZ on 2nd January, 2019.

On Wednesday, January the 2nd, an activist in Twizel, which is in the heart of the South Island’s high country Mackenzie District, took these shots. More evidence that the weather is being manipulated in New Zealand?

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Bizarre-looking Clouds Over Hawarden, Canterbury 15.3.2018

No,  it is not a negative of an eye above.   It appears to show bright-white aerosol material falling in wisps.  These stunning photographs were taken by activist, Marian Sutherland at 8.16pm on the 15th of March, 2018 from the Hawarden … Continue reading

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Evidence Of Weather Modification Technology To East of North Island, September 29

By ‘Arapuni Wizard’, 29 September, 2014 On the morning of September the 29th, 2014 I checked the rain radar readings on the MetService website at: I noted there was no rain impending for my region – Arapuni. However, I … Continue reading

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Gisborne in ‘serious’ water crisis

By 3 News online staff, 8 Jan 2014 A major break in Gisborne’s main water supply has prompted a warning from the District Council for residents to conserve water immediately. The damage was caused by a large landslide in the Mangapoike … Continue reading

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Video: New Zealand’s Chemical Skies & A Few Words From Alan Robock

The following well-made video was uploaded in May, 2010 by Rose R., the Kaikoura-based activist who runs the excellent forum at  While it was made a little over two years ago, the skies around New Zealand sadly remain about … Continue reading

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Jet Star Plane Identified Spraying Aerosol Over Kaikoura on April 20

Advised Rose R., who runs the excellent forum at, a Jet Star plane was identified spraying over Kaikoura at around 4.40pm on April 20th, 2012 using  Here are the details and the photographic evidence.  Notice that the well-defined … Continue reading

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Uploaded by RoyalW1979 on 9 Jan 2012 The stern of the Rena has begun sinking off Tauranga’s Astrolabe Reef.

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This interview, which is in two parts at YouTube, was uploaded by Rose TheCONtraildotcom, on the 10th of October, 2011, who writes: “We discuss the Tauranga Oil Spill and the movement to take over New Zealand’s mineral and oil reserves … Continue reading

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Manawatu Blitzed By Heavy Aerosol Operation On July 4

The Manawatu District, which is in the North Island of New Zealand, north of Wellington, was subjected to a massive aerosol operation on July the 4th, according to a chemtrail-aware Manawatu resident who wishes to remain anonymous.  He/she writes:  4-7-11 … Continue reading

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Controlling The Mind – On Unwin Radar Station at Awarua

To see the article which is in pdf format, please link here.

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