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Lawyer, Sue Grey Presents to Government Committee on (Trojan Horse) Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Bill, March 30th, 2023

From what lawyer, Sue Grey LLB (Hons), B.Sc. describes in this presentation, this Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Bill may well be a Trojan horse for subverting existing laws, by way of using loopholes and avoiding due process, unless the reigns … Continue reading

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LibertyNZ Interview: Clare Swinney on Chemtrails, Weather Warfare & Mind Control in NZ, March 2023

Grant Edwards of LibertyNZ spoke to Clare Swinney of ‘Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch’ about the aerosolization of the atmosphere and evidence which indicates that extremes in weather are being manufactured in order to win sympathy for ‘climate change’ agendas. They … Continue reading

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CLIMATE OF FEAR: NIWA’s Missing Storm Data & Its Impact On Extreme Climate Claims

The Daily Examiner, by Ian Wishart EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: It has become somewhat of a cliche for media reports and climate scientists to actively link modern extreme weather events in New Zealand with climate change, but an accurate answer requires more … Continue reading

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Flashback: Rosalind Peterson’s 2007 Presentation On Geoengineering At United Nations Conference

Anti-geoengineering activist, Rosalind Peterson of California, who sadly passed away in 2018, gave this presentation at the 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change in New York in September, 2007. She spoke about agriculture and the negative impacts of experimental … Continue reading

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1500 Scientists Say ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’ – The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked

By Mark Keenan Global Research, February 24, 2023 Many people worldwide are concerned about climate change and believe there is a climate emergency. For decades we have been told by the United Nations that Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human … Continue reading

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Counterspin Media On The Corruption of the NZ Media & Government, the “Climate Change” Scam, the COVID Scamdemic & More

Counterspin Media’s Hannah Spierer and Kelvyn Alp, hosted a show from Waipu in Northland, with Liz Gunn, Damian DeMent, Amy Benjamin and Brad Flutey at the Skyliner on Friday, the 18th of November. The team adeptly addressed a range of … Continue reading

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Weaponized Weather Drying Up Crucial Barge Traffic on Mississippi River

Health Ranger Report. Engineered drought conditions are having a dire effect on the ability of barges to move masses of pivotal cargo cheaply and efficiently along the Mississippi river. This report from Mike Adams covers the article by Rachel Premack … Continue reading

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NewsTalkZB: Climate Action Organiser Exposes Naivety Of Movement, 24/9/22

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Robert Deutsch: Here Comes Another Round Of Engineered Weather To Pound Australia

This film was uploaded by Robert Deutsch on the 17th of September, 2022, (NZT) and includes a forecast of the bad weather expected to hit Australia and New Zealand in the coming days.It also includes information from the mainstream media … Continue reading

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The Globalists’ War on the Elements of Life (& Sunlight)

This new mini-documentary from Mike Adams, the founder of and, reveals how globalists are waging a war against humanity by trying to ban the key elements of life, including CARBON, OXYGEN and NITROGEN, and how they are using … Continue reading

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