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Chemtrails Over Kaitaia, Northland On October 9

A link to this was posted on Facebook at Chemtrails over NZ, which currently has 156 members. It was taken in Kaitaia on the 9th of October.  Someone else in Northland reported seeing several over Kaikohe today also.  

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New Video: 100% Pure Geo-engineering/Chemtrails Filmed From Whangarei to Kaikohe – May 8, 2011

On May the 8th, 2011, we took a video camera on a trip from Whangarei to Kaikohe in Northland, and recorded how prevalent geo-engineering/chemtrail activities were. As is indicated, throughout much of the 86km-long trip, chemtrails, aka aerosol trails sprayed … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Seen In Kaikohe, Whangarei & Hikurangi – Report From Betty Hooper

Ninety-year old Betty Hooper of Hikurangi, keeps a record of chemtrails she has seen, in her diary.  She advises that the record for the last few weeks, is as follows: On December the 11th, 2010 when she drove into Kamo, … Continue reading

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Does ‘Geo-Engineering’ Mean ‘Drought Creation’ For Northland, New Zealand?

Above: Taken from Woodhill, Whangarei on November the 12th, 2010. If what Lt Col Tom Bearden says it true, the grid formation suggests that scalar electromagnetic technology is being used to manipulate the weather. Farmers in Northland, New Zealand are … Continue reading

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Unnatural-Looking Northland Clouds

Jim Reece and I went drove to Kaikohe from Whangarei today. Here are some photos of odd-looking cloud material that was seen on the way.

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Drought Conditions In Northland In The New Year

3rd of January, 2010. Milking down to once a day for some farmers in Northland as drought comes early in the season On the 20th of January, 2010 Government Declares drought in Northland January 20th, Govt aid for drought-hit farmers … Continue reading

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Chemtrails – An Introduction

EducateYourself If you are unfamiliar with the subject of chemtrails, you should first read this general overview of the chemtrail spraying operations which began in earnest in late 1997. Without first reading the introductory overview, it’s difficult to understand the … Continue reading

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