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The Strange Times We Live In: Geoengineering and Morgellons Disease

VeteransToday June 20, 2016 Tanker Jet Spraying and Its Effect on Human Health   A friend of mine sent me the following graphic a few days ago. It expresses, through a heavy dose of irony, the strangeness of the times … Continue reading

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Elana Freeland – Chemtrails, Morgellons and Transhumanism

Sage of Quay Radio – July 2014 “Tonight my very special guest is Elana Freeland. Over the years, Elana has been a Waldorf school pioneer, storyteller, lecturer, and writer. For the past two decades, she has ghostwritten several books on … Continue reading

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Mike Williams Interviews Sofia Smallstorm – Late April, 2014

Published on 28th April, 2014 This show officially airs at 8pm EST on May 6, 2014 on the Pyramid One Network:… and on May 7, 2014 at 9pm on BlogTalkRadio:… Host Mike Williams interviews Sofia Smallstorm. Sofia is … Continue reading

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Sofia Smallstorm – Chemtrails To Pseudo Life & Synthetic Biology

Red Ice Radio    10 April, 2014. Sofia Smallstorm on Red Ice Radio.  

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Vincent Freeman, Scientist Working With Clifford Carnicom Talks About Chemtrails

Red Ice Radio, Published on 17 Apr 2014 Scientist, Vincent Freeman is working closely with Clifford Carnicom.  He speaks about – Chemtrails Pathogens, Xenobiology & Engineered Bacteria.

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Carnicom Institute: “Morgellons” Condition DNA Successfully Isolated

What’s New? Carnicom Institute (CI) is actively working toward the characterization of a DNA sample associated with the Morgellons condition. The genetic nature of an organism is a key to understanding a life form’s origin and role within biology. This … Continue reading

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Carnicom: Inhibition of “Morgellons” Growth Achieved Using Powerful Antioxidants     By Clifford E Carnicom, January 31 2014 Note: I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information. I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the results of extended observation and analysis of unusual biological … Continue reading

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Dr Rima Laibow Talks To Woman Suffering From A Variant Of Morgellons

Published on YouTube on January the 18th, 2014. Dr Rima Laibow, MD. of the Natural Solutions Foundation talks to a 52-years-old woman, referred to as “Ms M”, a knowledgable woman, who has a variant of Morgellons. The interview starts at … Continue reading

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Carnicom Institute Newsletter for January 2014

Welcome to the January 2014 Newsletter! Carnicom Institute is currently undergoing a transition in our web presence.  We are integrating into a WordPress platform, and as a consequence, we are also upgrading our newsletter interface.  Expect regular and informative newsletters … Continue reading

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Published on YouTube on the 4th of November, 2013 by ‘skizitgesture’ who wrote: The Binary Biology enables the ecdysone switch to control populations. Hormones served in food can turn the switch on, combine the two parts of Binary Biological weapons … Continue reading

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