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Man-made Drought Looms For Many Parts of New Zealand Again?

This video includes an audio from NewsTalkZB news from the 19th of January read by Niva Retimanu regarding the dry conditions that are prevalent in many parts of New Zealand currently.Northland, Tauranga, Waikato, southern Hawkes Bay, Stewart Island, Wellington, Southland, … Continue reading

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RNZ: Northland floods leave homes uninhabitable, farms under water

RNZ,  9:11 am,  20 July 2020, As the flood waters recede in Northland the full extent of the damage from the weekend’s deluge is becoming clear. More:

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RNZ: Roads damaged in Northland storm may take years to repair

RNZ 20 July, 2020 It may be years before slip-damaged roads in the Far North are back to normal. More:

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Rain Robbery Continues Into March: Aerosol Operation on 8/3/20 Precedes Rain Forecast for 9th – Little Rain Falls

Sunday, March the 8th and aerosol trails, and yet more aerosol trails appeared in the Northland sky,  the day before rain was forecast,  …activity not acknowledged by the meteorological and climate communities. Rainfall appeared to have been inhibited significantly yet … Continue reading

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‘Blame game’ taking place as Far North plagued with water issues

This TVNZ video report mentions that NIWA claims that the Far North of New Zealand may have to wait until May or June this year for rain. TVNZ 16 Feb 2020 Avocado orchards have provided much needed jobs to the … Continue reading

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The Elephant in The Sky: An Aerosol Trail 1000kms+ Long To West of North Is, 20-2-2020

A huge aerosol trail, approximately 1000km+ long, which is the approximate distance between Cape Reinga and Christchurch as the crow flies,  is visible in satellite imagery for the morning of Thursday, the 20th of February over the Tasman sea, to … Continue reading

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Strange Clouds & Aerosol Trails, 10 – 3 – 2019

Between about 5.55pm and 7.45pm from Whangarei, New Zealand on Sunday the 10th of March. Unnatural-looking clouds and aerosol trails. I wonder what TV One weatherman, Dan Corbett, would label the first one? To my knowledge, I did not see … Continue reading

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KAL130 Emitted Aerosol Trail over Northland, 25/12/18

As KAL130 flew over Northland on the 25th of December at about 10.33am, it was seen emitting an aerosol trail. The plane was identified using Photographs of the trail were taken about 1 and 5 minutes after the plane … Continue reading

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KAL130 Emitted Aerosol Trail Over Northland, 22/12/18

On Saturday, the 22 Dec, 2018 at approximately 10.59am, Korean Airlines KAL130 was seen emitting an aerosol trail from Whangarei. was used to identify the aircraft, which left Auckland Airport at 10.43am.

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Ugly Aerosol Trails Cloud Ngunguru, Northland Sky on August 12th, 2017

These photos were taken in the afternoon of Saturday, August the 12, 2017 from the pretty coastal settlement of Ngunguru, which is on the east coast of Northland, and approximately 26 kilometers north Whangarei.

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