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Lost Arts Radio – Maximize Your Resistance & More – 6/20/16

Published on 21 Jun 2016 A Lost Arts Radio Special Event Announcement! On Monday, June the 20th, 2016, Lost Arts Research Institute had a class on how to maximize your resistance to Wi-fi, chemtrails and other environmental hazards. This show … Continue reading

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Timaru’s Air Monitoring Stations Picking Up More Than Smoke From Wood Burners As Photos Show

Darrell McGrath of  Timaru, aka South Canterbury Sky Watch, 23rd May, 2016. Around New Zealand aerosol trails are being witnessed frequently.  Thankfully, more and more people are waking up, looking up and best thing is that they are also speaking … Continue reading

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What Happened To Betty Rowe’s Interview About Chemtrails with Mysterious NZ?

Above: From the home page of the Mysterious New Zealand website, which is closed indefinitely, but archived at the Wayback Machine. What happened to the revealing interview the now deceased Betty Rowe had with Mysterious NZ  regarding chemtrails? Unfortunately, the website … Continue reading

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Chemtrails: Learn how to protect yourself from these treacherous poisons,  Thursday, October 24, 2013, by: Carolanne Wright Short of living in a hermetically sealed house and only eating food grown indoors, dodging the dangerous ramifications of chemtrails is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, these poisonous aerial sprays have become a day-to-day … Continue reading

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Dr Russell Blaylock Talks About the Health Effects of Inhaling Chemtrail Particulates

Published on Apr 7, 2013 Linderman Unleashed Radio Show March 28th 2013 Broadcast. Curt Linderman speaks with Dr. Blaylock about the devastating health effects of the chemtrails and geoengineering policies which have been implemented in secret without public consent. Chemtrails, … Continue reading

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Dane Wigington Talks To George Noory of Coast to Coast AM

George Noory of Coast of Coast AM interviewed researcher and activist Dane Wigington on March the 13th, 2012.  Dane has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment known as geoengineering. This includes various weather modification techniques such as chemtrails and HAARP. Through … Continue reading

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Hair Analyses Of Northland, NZ Resident Indicate Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Contamination Increased Over Time

Northland resident, Robyn P.  [Name withheld on request] has informed us that her 7-year-old son has had hair analyses done and that metals linked to chemtrails/geoengineering programs [1] have been present. Below you will find copies of the results of … Continue reading

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Film Review Of ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying?’

Michael J. Murphy’s much-awaited follow-up to What In The World Are They Spraying?  explores one of the most devastating uses of chemtrails/ aerosols – that of weather and climate control.  The new film, Why In The World Are They Spraying?, … Continue reading

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Carnicom Institute Research Projects Into Morgellons and Fibers/Filaments, Plus More

The following regarding important research projects, was part of the quarterly newsletter dated April 2012, from the Carnicom Institute, which came via email on April 15th, (NZT). Welcome to the Spring Newsletter Carnicom Institute is a non-profit organization working solely … Continue reading

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IntelHub Exclusive: Chemtrail Whistle Blower Speaks, Part 1

The Intel Hub By Luemas of People Beyond February 26, 2012 Intel Hub Note: This article was submitted to us by a concerned citizen who spoke with a whistleblower and while many things put forward in this article can clearly … Continue reading

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