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Lawyer, Sue Grey Presents to Government Committee on (Trojan Horse) Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Bill, March 30th, 2023

From what lawyer, Sue Grey LLB (Hons), B.Sc. describes in this presentation, this Severe Weather Emergency Recovery Bill may well be a Trojan horse for subverting existing laws, by way of using loopholes and avoiding due process, unless the reigns … Continue reading

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Counterspin Media On The Corruption of the NZ Media & Government, the “Climate Change” Scam, the COVID Scamdemic & More

Counterspin Media’s Hannah Spierer and Kelvyn Alp, hosted a show from Waipu in Northland, with Liz Gunn, Damian DeMent, Amy Benjamin and Brad Flutey at the Skyliner on Friday, the 18th of November. The team adeptly addressed a range of … Continue reading

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The Globalists’ War on the Elements of Life (& Sunlight)

This new mini-documentary from Mike Adams, the founder of and, reveals how globalists are waging a war against humanity by trying to ban the key elements of life, including CARBON, OXYGEN and NITROGEN, and how they are using … Continue reading

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A Call For Mother Earth & Humanity. Analysis of “Military Geoengineering”

By Prof. Claudia von Werlhof Global Research, September 14, 2021 PBME-Online 13 September 2021 Why do people not want to know about the violence that is committed against Mother Earth? Is it a taboo to reveal a secret? For instance, … Continue reading

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Post-Covid Transition Engineer: Expect “Plenty of Crises” with Extreme Weather Situations in NZ

  In this interview,  which was broadcast on RadioNZ at 7.12pm, on the 26th of May, Professor Susan Krumdieck of the University of Canterbury,  and Co-Leader of the Global Association for Transition Engineering Director Advanced Energy, said, as if with … Continue reading

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Senator Colbeck Testifies Against 5G: Hearing 2018

Although not strictly on topic, this is a well-articulated and succinct presentation by Senator Patrick Colbeck regarding the proven harmful effects of microwave radio-frequency radiation.  What he does not mention is that we have been breathing in metals, an electrified … Continue reading

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Flashback: Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio

Lost Arts Radio Researcher, Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio | Richard Sacks,   published on 19 Nov 2017.

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Most of The Censored ‘Chemtrailsplanet’ Website Online Again At

One of my favourite websites, Chemtrailsplanet,  Harold Saive’s  informative site, which hosted a plethora of useful no-nonsense articles, videos and documents about chemtrails and other nefarious activities the criminal “powers-that be” don’t want us to know about, was taken down by … Continue reading

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Malcolm Scott’s Complaint Upheld by Ombudsman – Ministry for Environment releases summary of chemtrail-related correspondence from 2016 – early 2018.

Update from researcher, Malcolm Scott, 28 August, 2018. In July 2018, the Office of the Ombudsman informed Malcolm Scott that the Minister for the Environment had failed to comply with the Official Information request, and upheld his complaint.  The Ministry … Continue reading

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GreenplanetFM 104.6 Auck, Thurs, 8-9 am, Malcolm Scott talks about aerosol geo-engineering/ spraying

This week’s interview … streamed globally in real time. Malcolm Scott: Is ‘atmospheric aerosol geo-engineering’ and white chemtrails happening over New Zealand? Malcolm Scott is an experienced and qualified researcher recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission. He has authored several … Continue reading

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