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Author Elana Freeland on the Bob Charles Show – Geoengineered Transhumanism, 12 Oct, 2021

Elana talks about her new book that will open many eyes to what’s going on in our world. Geoengineered Transhumanism is the third book in Elana Freeland’s trilogy on geoengineering. It completes the picture of what geoengineering has been from … Continue reading

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Flashback: Interview with Willem Felderhoff, A Commercial Airline Pilot & Others About Chemtrails & More

Just Finish IT Records 15 May 2016 An episode of ‘Truth is Stranger Than fiction’ with Ole Dammegard, Zen Gardner, and Willem Felderhoff about the growing conspiracy around the topic of chemtrails. Related: Willem Felderhof – An Airline Pilot Discusses … Continue reading

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Flashback: Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio

Lost Arts Radio Researcher, Clifford Carnicom: What Are We Breathing? Urgent Research Update Via Lost Arts Radio | Richard Sacks,   published on 19 Nov 2017.

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GreenplanetFM 104.6 Auck, Thurs, 8-9 am, Malcolm Scott talks about aerosol geo-engineering/ spraying

This week’s interview … streamed globally in real time. Malcolm Scott: Is ‘atmospheric aerosol geo-engineering’ and white chemtrails happening over New Zealand? Malcolm Scott is an experienced and qualified researcher recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission. He has authored several … Continue reading

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David Icke on Radio NZ National Tonight, Friday July 22nd

Author and public speaker, David Icke will be speaking on RadioNZ National radio shortly after 8pm tonight, Friday the 22nd of July, with host, Paul Brennan.   The interview was recorded yesterday.  You can listen online via the following link: … Continue reading

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Lost Arts Radio – Frequency Weapons Used on the Public – Barrie Trower & Ken Rohla, 18 July, 1pm NZT

On Monday the 18th of July at 1pm NZT Barrie Trower and Ken Rohla will both be on Lost Arts Radio talking to host, Richard Sacks about frequencies used against the public and potential countermeasures that can help us minimize … Continue reading

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Lost Arts Radio – Maximize Your Resistance & More – 6/20/16

Published on 21 Jun 2016 A Lost Arts Radio Special Event Announcement! On Monday, June the 20th, 2016, Lost Arts Research Institute had a class on how to maximize your resistance to Wi-fi, chemtrails and other environmental hazards. This show … Continue reading

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Vinny Eastwood interviews Australian Anti-Geoengineering Activist, Paul Mac

January 8, 2014. This is a 2.04.33 hours long interview.  Vinny’s NUTShell: ordinary man with his eyes on the sky and his hands on a megaphone.Being a geoengineering activist is a tough gig, you get ridiculed and sabotaged, ignored … Continue reading

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Complaint To Broadcaster About Sean Plunket Calling Those In The Know About Chemtrails “Nutters” & For His Dissemination Of False Information

On Friday, November the 29th, Sean Plunket, who hosts the 9am – midday slot on Radio Live’s talkback show, asked listeners to phone in regarding “chemtrails,” in response to the Conservative Party’s, Colin Craig saying that he would not dismiss … Continue reading

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SkyderAlert Documentary Makers Live on Coast to Coast Thurs, 28 Nov, 2013 at 7:00pm NZT

From Email sent on November 27, 2013 from “Look Up”  narrated by William Baldwin breaks the mold of conventional documentaries by integrating the mobile app SkyderALERT and the social website to create the first ever Social Action Documentary. This film … Continue reading

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