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A Decade Of Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Over Northland

On January the 2nd, 2010, when the sky was a far deeper blue than it is nowadays,  I took the first photos of atmospheric aerosol trails in Northland for this website.   They were a shocking and saddening sight, as … Continue reading

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Timaru’s Air Monitoring Stations Picking Up More Than Smoke From Wood Burners As Photos Show

Darrell McGrath of  Timaru, aka South Canterbury Sky Watch, 23rd May, 2016. Around New Zealand aerosol trails are being witnessed frequently.  Thankfully, more and more people are waking up, looking up and best thing is that they are also speaking … Continue reading

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White Haze In The Air & Aerosol Trails in Whangarei on April 22

I made a point of taking these photos today because, as Clifford Carnicom highlights in a article posted on his website on March the 19th, 2016, there are very real relationships between how far you can see, the concentration levels … Continue reading

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Sage of Quay Radio – Dane Wigington and the Global Geoengineering Crisis

Published on 16th April, 2014. Host Mike Williams interviews Dane Wigington. This show officially airs at 8pm EST on April 22, 2014 on the Pyramid One Network:…

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China sells BOTTLED AIR to tourists as smog described as ‘environmental crisis’

Source: Carol Driver Daily Mail March 25, 2014 China is offering a breath of fresh air to tourists affected by its high pollution levels – with plans to sell bottles of oxygen. In an attempt to address its dangerous … Continue reading

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