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Canterbury drought forcing farmers to de-stock

As readers are aware, the widespread use of atmospheric aerosols is leading to severe droughts.  This one in Canterbury is the most severe these farmers have ever experienced. Newshub (TV3) 28th Aril 2016 North Canterbury is into the second year … Continue reading

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Video: Skies Far From Natural by South Canterbury Sky Watch

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Hole In Cloud Over Michigan

This image was taken on December the 25th from Three Rivers, Michigan by Tom M. from the end of his driveway. According to Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info these are formed when “a  flood of negative ions deposited into this hole acts … Continue reading

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Uniform Row of ‘Jelly fish’ Clouds Over South Australia

  These photos were reported to have been taken fifteen minutes apart by Gael on the 15th of December, 2014 from near Mt Gambier, which is  the second most populous city in South Australia with a population of about 25,000.  … Continue reading

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Coloured Cloud & Sun Dog Over Northland, 5 Dec 2014

These photos showing a coloured aerosol cloud were taken at approximately 1.50pm from Woodhill, Whangarei looking northwards roughly speaking.  The ‘contrast’ was increased on the photo settings in order to display the colours more closely to how they were seen … Continue reading

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Weather Warfare News: Very High Aluminium Content In Hailstones From Devastated Fruit Growing Region in South Island

On the 4th of November, a severe hail storm destroyed apple and kiwifruit crops in the Tasman district of the South Island of New Zealand, causing extensive damage to orchards, destroying both fruit and netting.  It was a financial disaster … Continue reading

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Stunning Cloud Formations Over Blenheim On Friday Night

These amazing photos were taken at around 7pm-8pm today, November the 21st, 2014, by Des from Blenheim, which is in the region of Marlborough, in the north east of the South Island of New Zealand. They show truly bizarre-looking cloud … Continue reading

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Unearthly-Looking Clouds Over Nelson At Sunset on April 21

As the sun was setting in Nelson, New Zealand on Monday, April the 21st, 2014, the following photos were taken by Louisa Young, who posted them on Chemtrails over NZ on  They are in unusual shapes for clouds, particularly … Continue reading

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Fibers Photographed Falling From Sky In Golden Bay on Easter Monday

By Sarah Hornibrooke of Golden Bay, New Zealand. This is a cropped photo which shows fibres and colour in cloud I witnessed this Easter Monday at 12.12pm from Golden Bay, New Zealand.  The fibers only became visible against the sun, … Continue reading

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Unwitting Public Brainwashed During TV One Weather Report Of 21 March, 2014?

At the end of the weather report on TV One‘s 6pm news on Friday, March the 21st,  weather presenter, Karen Olsen stood cheerfully in front of a photo of uniform rows of ominous-looking clouds sent in by Robin Thomas of … Continue reading

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