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Military’s Air Force C17 Globemaster Practicing Low Altitude Flying This Week

An Air Force C17 Globemaster,  seen spraying an aerosol trail from Whangarei and Auckland on April the 9th, (see post below), is practicing low altitude flying  this week.   More:  

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More Heavy Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Being Reported

There have been reports of heavy atmospheric aerosol spraying occurring over areas of the North Island of New Zealand on and to this website. (This activity may be to elevate temperatures and suppress rain, as parts of the country … Continue reading

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AirNZ Auckland to Nadi Flight Leaves Aerosol Trail, 13-3-2019

At about 10.05am Air New Zealand’s NZ52, a flight from Auckland to Nadi, a Boeing 777-219(ER), was seen leaving a long aerosol trail as it flew in a north-easterly direction. The photo was taken from Whangarei. The plane was identified … Continue reading

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Photos of Aerosol Trails Taken From Whangarei in January 2019

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January 29th Heatwave coincided with numerous atmospheric aerosol trails in upper part of North Island

Whangarei’s and Auckland’s hot weather has coincided with seeing skies full of aerosol trails dispersing, as shown in these photos. Filling the atmosphere up with aerosol particulates in the troposphere will heat the atmosphere up, not cool it down and … Continue reading

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Climate intervention via geoengineering: It’s a risky strategy that will only cause more, bigger problems, say scientists

January 13, 2019 by: Earl Garcia (Natural News) A recent study published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution warned that a technique called climate geoengineering, which was conceptualized to counter the effects of global warming, may do more harm than good. … Continue reading

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Must See: New Documentary by Mike Adams, BIOSLUDGED

The new documentary ‘Biosludged’ by Mike Adams uncovers the astonishing science fraud being carried out by the EPA to legalize the mass pollution of America’s farm lands, school playgrounds and city parks with heavily contaminated industrial waste and human sewage. … Continue reading

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Strong PROOF that NASA falsifies its data

From  Dec 2 , 2018 In parallel with this just looking at the Arctic on NASA Worldview every day my friend, Margo, and I noticed some very strange phenomena and suspected that NASA were removing inconvenient data, usually the … Continue reading

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Scientists now want to chemtrail the entire planet, creating smog to block out the sun

NaturalNews      Yes, the total insanity of the climate change mad scientists has now become apparent to everyone who isn’t a zombie. In the name of “saving the planet,” scientists now want to chemtrail the atmosphere with smog chemicals to block … Continue reading

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