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Geoengineering, HAARP, and the Space Fence Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes

Awakening Liberty Show, 19 Nov 2016 The Awakening Liberty Show, Today I welcomed back Elana Freeland the author of “Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth.” Also joining us was former HAARP engineer Billy Hayes aka the … Continue reading

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Criss-Cross Aerosol Trail Formation Over Whangarei 24/11

It was yet another day during which aerosol trails were readily apparent and  as we do not often observe such obvious examples of the criss-cross formation here over Whangarei I decided to post these photos.  This first one was photographed … Continue reading

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Aerosol Haze & Aerosol Trails In Hokitika Sky on August 17th

Photos from Hokitika for August 17th, 2016 from M.B. who wrote: “I took some more photos of chemtrails in Hokitika today. Some of what I saw today was quite different to what I have generally observed before. When I was … Continue reading

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Canterbury: Aerosol Trail & a Contrail at a higher altitude, in the same photo

This photo below was supplied by post-graduate researcher, Malcolm Scott who advised  it was taken at approximately 5.05pm on Saturday, the 9th of July 2016 at Lake Ellesmere, Canterbury and that the aircraft involved were A320s. Offers Mr Scott: “In … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Tanker Nozzle Malfunction

How would the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, who fail to acknowledge the existence of aerosol trails, aka “chemtrails”, explain this occurrence? Published on 13 Jul 2016 Secret chemical aerosol deployment by jet aircraft. Deployment nozzle malfunction occasionally reveals contrails … Continue reading

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Lost Arts Radio Show On Maximizing Resistence to Aerosol Fallout & more

I thought some of your visitors might be interested in the short online free class I will be giving on Monday, 6/20 [9pm EST, which is Tuesday, 1pm on June the 21st, NZT], on how to maximize natural immunity and … Continue reading

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NZ Govt agrees to official investigation over weather data access

Posted by WW Forecast Team on 02/06/2016 For the first time since the 1980s the New Zealand Government has agreed to investigate why tax funded weather data is currently being blocked for open use by NIWA and MetService – and … Continue reading

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Coloured Aerosol Trail, Ripples In Sky At Drought-Effected North Canterbury

The disaster capitalists are at it again. Thank-you to anti-chemtrails/geoengineering activist, Marian Sutherland of Hawarden, North Canterbury who took these excellent photos of aerosol trails on Saturday morning, May the 7th, near drought-effected Hawarden. The first one, showing aerosol trails, … Continue reading

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Whangarei -A Thick Fog & Numerous Aerosol Trails, May 4, 2016

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Large Aerosol Trail Seen Over Auckland on Tuesday, 3 May at 11am

This first photo was taken from Mt Roskill at 11am approximately.   The second photo shows the same trail about 15 minutes later.  This was evidently not a vapour trail, as it lingered and spread out.  Thank-you very much to Tavia … Continue reading

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