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Man-made Drought Looms For Many Parts of New Zealand Again?

This video includes an audio from NewsTalkZB news from the 19th of January read by Niva Retimanu regarding the dry conditions that are prevalent in many parts of New Zealand currently.Northland, Tauranga, Waikato, southern Hawkes Bay, Stewart Island, Wellington, Southland, … Continue reading

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Chemtrail Blitzkrieg over Whangarei During Week of Declaring a “Climate Emergency”

The mainstream media and political system in conjunction with a host of disinformation websites are enabling the powers-that-shouldn’t be to control the ‘climate change’ debate, to put the blame for extreme weather on fossil fuel, cow farts, methane and carbon … Continue reading

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Numerous Aerosols Trails in Parallel Dumped on Christchurch, NZ 15 Nov 2020

Thank-you to Scotty Gibson, who took this photo from Horncastle Arena in Christchurch today.

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Weather Forecaster Predicts Australia’s Agricultural Sector Will Be Wiped Out in 2 Years Unless Drastic Action Is Taken

Anthony Violi of Mount Barker in South Australia,  has studied meteorology for more than 35 years and has a dire warning  he shared in a submission to the Australian government, [1].  He believes if the man-made drought continues, the agricultural … Continue reading

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Hawkes Bay Region Is Still Being Targeted with Heavy Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying Virtually Daily

Hawkes Bay is a farming area on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand that has suffered from extremely dry conditions this year.    “Technology will make available to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting … Continue reading

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More Rampant Aerosol Spraying Over Hawkes Bay, July 11 2020

As well as in Wellington, Central Hawkes Bay saw plenty of aerosol spraying (chemtrail) activity on Saturday the 11th of July.   It was seen primarily between 10.30 am and 5.30 pm.  Thank-you to Mel C for these photos and … Continue reading

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Huge Aerosol Dumps over Wellington Today (11 July 2020)

I received a phone call and photos today from Bryce McClure,  who was very concerned about all the massive aerosol trails he was seeing over the Wellington region today. Bryce McClure 11 July 2020  “They have been laying aerosol trails … Continue reading

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Hawke’s Bay Farmer’s Worst Nightmare Becomes Real

By Mel Cross of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand,  30th June 2020 Living in rural Hawke’s Bay has many advantages, but when a severe drought hits, the disadvantages far outweigh the pros—especially when your paddocks are devoid of grass and you … Continue reading

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Massive Aerosol Operation on Saturday 13th June Seen Over Whangarei

I checked the Metservice website on Friday the 12th of June,  and it indicated a clear sunny morning, with a clear sky was forecast for Saturday morning.  As the photos of the sky above Whangarei show below, it was an … Continue reading

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Post-Covid Transition Engineer: Expect “Plenty of Crises” with Extreme Weather Situations in NZ

  In this interview,  which was broadcast on RadioNZ at 7.12pm, on the 26th of May, Professor Susan Krumdieck of the University of Canterbury,  and Co-Leader of the Global Association for Transition Engineering Director Advanced Energy, said, as if with … Continue reading

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