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Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Found in Whangarei Rainwater Again

Brad Wynyard of Tikipunga, Whangarei collected a rainwater sample locally in early-November, 2013 and asked R J Hill Laboratories of Hamilton to test for aluminium, barium and strontium, as these are being found in rainwater where chemtrails/ aerosols are being … Continue reading

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Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Found In Rainwater In Whangarei

I collected rainwater in a large Pyrex dish, that was placed on a chair on my deck at Woodhill, Whangarei between mid-April and May 8th.   On May 8th, I filled a 750ml Pump bottle to send to the lab. … Continue reading

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Aluminium, Barium and Strontium Found In Rainwater From Takaka, New Zealand

Takaka, South Island, New Zealand. Here is a copy of my water test result that I did a few weeks ago. I had asked Hills Lab to test for Aluminium, Barium, Strontium. Results were positive for all three elements. The … Continue reading

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Aluminium, Strontium & Barium In Brisbane Rainwater

Well done to Mike Scott of Brisbane, Australia who had a sample of rainwater tested recently.   The rain sample was collected in the suburb of Zillmere in Brisbane, around a month ago.  The laboratory used for testing is world accredited … Continue reading

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Rainwater And Soil Tested From Upper South Island After Heavy Chemtrailing

A reader in Motueka, which is at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, had rainwater and soil tested recently by Hills Laboratories of Hamilton.    She advises: “I have had some soil tested from Motueka and rainwater from … Continue reading

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Chemtrail Chemicals Confirmed: Barium & Aluminium Found in Whangarei Rainwater

By Clare Swinney   The smell of chemicals, the presence of chemtrails, aerosol material seen being sprayed from aircraft, distinctive wave patterns in clouds, man-made clouds, persistently cloudy skies without rain, plus the advent of strangely light rain, now seem … Continue reading

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Test Results For Barium In Water Off A Whangarei, NZ Roof: Positive

On the 1st and 2nd of January, 2010, an unidentified plane spraying an aerosol was seen in Whangarei at 8.45am, and estimated by a former pilot, Geoff McColl, to be flying at 4,000 feet.

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Are Aerosols A Cause Of Infertility? Poison That Induces Testicular & Ovarian Atrophy Found In Rainwater

This must- see YouTube video from the Australian-based Clean air and, reports on rainwater test results from a government laboratory. For those on dial up who can not easily watch videos, go to the link here for the write … Continue reading

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Photos of Aerosol Blitz over Taumarunui on Friday, Feb. 16th, 2020

Numerous aerosol trails aka “chemtrails” are apparent in these photos sent by Gina from Taumaranui, which is a small rural town in the King Country of the central North Island.    It is a farming area, as Northland is.    Such “chemtrails” … Continue reading

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Whangarei Air Thick with Particulates? Aerosol Trails Being Seen Day and Night

Have you developed a cough for no apparent reason?  Is your memory is not working as well as it normally does?   Is your nose running slightly? The numerous aerosol trails that are apparent over Whangarei this month and the lack … Continue reading

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