Get Your ‘Be Wise To Your Skies’ Stickers Here

I am getting 1,000 stickers printed on glossy paper (10cm x 10cm) and will sell them at cost, 11c each, plus postage, (economy postage, unless you want otherwise).

If you would like some,  email me at and let me know the number you’d like and I will get back to you when they arrive, which is probably in about 10 days.   Thank-you to Brad for the 2 photos of the planes spraying aerosol trails used.

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Retrofitted Pipes Above Engines on Air New Zealand Planes

These photos were kindly supplied by Brad of Whangarei and show Air Zealand’s Airbus A320’s, which are used domestically and internationally.    Note the relatively untarnished metal surrounding the pipes, suggesting that it is a retrofit and it appears that rivets have been removed in order to install these.  Also, note that these pipes are not evident in the image of the A320 taken from the Air New Zealand website at the time of writing.

Also, note that in the last two images shown of an aircraft in flight, which are taken from a YouTube video titled:  ‘NOZZLE TRAILS – block the sun – focus on airports/aircraft’,  three trails appear to be being emitted adjacent the left engine, although it is not known what model of aircraft this is, nor which airline the plane belongs to.

Brad nozzle air nz

Air New Zealand A320 at a domestic terminal what appear to be retrofitted pipes installed under the wing, above the engine.

Brad nozzle air nzenlarge

Close up of retrofitted pipes.   See the photo below which shows where the pipes are relative to the engine.




Image taken from Air New Zealand website. The pipes shown in the first photo are not apparent.

Brad airnz A320 Dec 2017

Air New Zealand plane emitting aerosol trails.

IMG_2126 Brad plane Air nz A320

Air New Zealand plane emitting aerosol trails.

Image showing 3 trails from left engine taken from video titled: ‘NOZZLE TRAILS – block the sun – focus on airports/aircraft’, at link:
















three trails 2

Another image of the same aircraft shown above, from the same YouTube video.

Possibly related:

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Passenger: Air NZ Flight From Tonga-NZ Creates Trail for Approximately 45 mins

Alleged Anonymous Email From An Airline Mechanic Re: Chemtrail Delivery System

Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses

Fumes in cabin delay Air NZ flight

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Article In Mainstream Media: ‘Scientists Search For Ways To Guard Against The Sun’

The above titled article was published in the NZ Herald and the Northern Advocate on the 5th of April, 2018.  I believe this is a cover story for the aerosol trails which may be seen.  I don’t believe for a minute that the trails are being sprayed into the atmosphere to “save people from global warming,”  as “carbon dioxide induced man-made global warming” is a politically-motivated hoax.   In my opinion, the aerosol trails are most likely being used for harmful weather modification purposes, such as drought production, among other purposes, etc:

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Multiple Aerosol Trails in Parallel, Whangarei,

This photo, which provides a striking example of about a dozen aerosol trails in parallel, was taken by ‘Jim’ (real name known) on his mobile phone from Riverside, Whangarei looking towards Onerahi.   He believes it was taken in 2015.   How can these be condensation trails?  There are not enough aircraft flying past this region to account for so many trails!

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Bizarre-looking Clouds Over Hawarden, Canterbury 15.3.2018

15 3 2018 8.16pm Near Hawarden

No,  it is not a negative of an eye above.   It appears to show bright-white aerosol material falling in wisps.  These stunning photographs were taken by activist, Marian Sutherland at 8.16pm on the 15th of March, 2018 from the Hawarden region.

Hawarden is a small town in Canterbury, which is in New Zealand’s South Island. It is located near Waikari, just off State Highway 7.

A big thank-you to Marian for her continued efforts to expose the manipulation of the atmosphere over Canterbury.marian

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Willem Felderhof – An Airline Pilot Discusses Aerotoxic Syndrome, Chemtrails, & Geoengineering

Veritas Radio, 

Published on 25th Jan 2018.  Link here:

For Part 2 of any of Veritas interviews, subscribe at in order to support an impartial, uncensored and commercial-free platform.

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Toxic Aerial Spraying Operation By NZ Forest Managers Underway










More info here:

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URGENT HEALTH ALERT for New Zealanders Who Want to Limit Their Exposure to Radio-frequency Radiation

This is a call for submissions to be made promptly on legislation that may phase out telephone landlines in New Zealand.  The closing date for submissions is February the 2nd.

Those who want to remain in phone contact with friends and family but do not wish to be constantly exposed to radio-frequency radiation may care to write a brief submission on the importance of retaining copper landline access for public health and safety reasons.

(For example, you could contrast the risks involved with using cellphones versus having a safe corded landline phone and mention that a safe corded landline phone will work in an emergency when a home has lost power in a blackout affecting an area, whereas cellular phone infrastructure may not work in this situation.)

There is also going to be a template submission for New Zealand written that will be made available via

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Dr Dietrich Klinghardt with Wendy Myers: How Toxic Metals Promote Parasites

This is not new, but users of this site who have not heard it before, may find it useful.

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Were the 2010 UK Cumbria Shootings Committed To Help Conceal Real Reason Behind 2009 Floods?

To the users of this website, watch this four-part film by researcher Richard D Hall to the end if you wish to understand why it is posted here.  

Those at the highest levels of power are spending an unbridled fortune on trying to convince the public that (carbon-dioxide induced) “man-made climate change” is real.   Flooding in Cumbria, England in November, 2009, which led to a policeman being swept away to his death, may have been one of a multitude of manufactured “climate-related” environmental disasters.

Related:  Flood Experience Boosts Climate Change Acceptance

The engineered nature of the flooding was going to be exposed by a solicitor named Kevin Commons, who was seeking compensation for its victims.  It may have been Commons who was the main target of the Cumbria shootings of 2010.  

Published on by Richard D Hall:

In June 2010 Cumbria suffered one of the worst criminal acts involving firearms in British history. Twelve people were killed and eleven injured at 24 shooting locations. The mainstream media rushed to Whitehaven the same day and had the entire case all wrapped up before the sun had set. They named the perpetrator as Derrick Bird, who they said was responsible for the entire massacre. It didn’t take them long to then explain his motives, and it seemed there were many. This case immediately suggested to me there was more to these shootings than had been discovered. In December 2013 I started my own investigation, and I have now spoken to dozens of first hand witnesses. The film follows my search for the truth and, demonstrates major anomalies in the evidence which suggests there could be an entirely different motive for what happened that day.

Link Here:

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