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Aerosol Blitz 2 Whangarei, Nov 14, 2015

Further to the last post, these following photos were taken between 7pm and 7.30pm from Whangarei on November the 14th, 2015.  The third photos shows large aerosol trails sprayed in parallel for what looked like a saturation of the atmosphere … Continue reading

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Photos from Nelson Showing Heavy Aerosolization of Atmosphere for Nov 6

Photos by Des from Nelson, New Zealand for November the 6th, 2015.

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Morgellons Research Project Survey has officially launched

Carnicom Institute, 3/08/2015 Carnicom Institute is pleased to announce that the first phase of the Morgellons Research Project is now available online. You will find both a long and short version of the questionnaire. You may fill out either one … Continue reading

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Ken Calderia Questioned On His Statements Regarding Chemical & Germ Warfare

By Patrick Roddie on Facebook.com, 10 May, 2015. I’m worried about Ken Calderia. Perhaps he huffs nano-particulate aluminum because he keeps forgetting that when he worked at a Government weapons lab, [the Lawrence Livermore Lab], he discussed “adding pathogens to … Continue reading

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Earth Day Chemtrails & Other Man-Made Cloud Formations, April 22, 2015

This video shows the sky on Earth Day from Whangarei to show how prevalent evidence of weather engineering technology is.   While the public is being told they are to blame for extremes in climate, such as droughts because of their … Continue reading

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Aluminum and Barium Should Not Be Found in Rainwater Lab Tests

Harold Saive, Published on 22 Nov 2014 Six consecutive Lab tests from Alachua County rainwater each report Aluminum and Barium consistent with ‘geoengineering’ aerosols. 

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Clifford Carnicom’s Documentary ‘Aerosol Crimes’ Re-edited

Published on 26th May 2014, Carnicom Institute A philanthropic edit of the original documentary “Aerosol Crimes” by Clifford E Carnicom. Visit the Carnicom Institute at http://www.carnicominstitute.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPfm1ljfwkU

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Alex Jones Interviews Chemtrails Expert, Clifford Carnicom

This is a audio recording from the 24th of July, 2006 of radio show host and documentary maker Alex Jones of Infowars.com interviewing Clifford Carnicom.  Carnicom is a well-respected researcher, who has been studying chemtrails since 1999.  He made the … Continue reading

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