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Aerosol Chemicals Detected In Rainwater Collected In Arapuni In Mid-March

The latest rainwater analysis, the tenth for New Zealand on this website, was conducted by the highly regarded R J Hill Laboratories of Hamilton. The sample was collected by James [name withheld] of Arapuni, which is in the Waikato region … Continue reading

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US Documentary About Chemtrails: Sky Lines

This is a documentary in four parts at YouTube, by Deborah J. Whitman which explores the chemtrail phenomenon. It includes presentations at a public forum in California at Shasta Country about aerosols, and a presentation from Rosalind Peterson of California … Continue reading

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Test Results For Barium In Water Off A Whangarei, NZ Roof: Positive

On the 1st and 2nd of January, 2010, an unidentified plane spraying an aerosol was seen in Whangarei at 8.45am, and estimated by a former pilot, Geoff McColl, to be flying at 4,000 feet.

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Geo-engineering: Chemtrail Poisoning of The People – A Shocking Compilation

The following compilation of material is from a forwarded e-mail. Hello, I am a Nevada artist, a business owner and a veteran. I am deeply concerned with what I see happening to America. I present this information on what are … Continue reading

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