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International best-selling Author & Commentator, Dr Vernon Coleman, Refers To Chemtrails In Latest Talk

 Dr Vernon Coleman, a former medical practitioner, has written over 100 books, including works about human health, politics, animal issues, and a range of novels.  Currently, he is investing his energy in to trying to wake people up from their … Continue reading

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Bill Gates Dodges Questions on Why He Owns 500,000 Shares of Monsanto

NaturalSociety.com by Anthony Gucciardi February 12th, 2013 Bill Gates is primarily known as the multi-billionaire who created Microsoft, the company behind the most popular computer operating system known as Windows. With this massive wealth, he has retired from leading Microsoft … Continue reading

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Gates Funded Solar Geoengineering Causing Global Warming Effects

Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism July 18, 2012 Alarmist scientists at Harvard University have plans to spray thousands of tons of sun-reflecting chemical particles into the earth’s atmosphere to artificially cool the planet. Over Fort Summer, New Mexico, this solar geoengineering … Continue reading

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More On Microsoft Conditioning The Public To Accept Chemtrails As Normal

Regular contributor, Michael Zhang of Wellington, noted in a post published in June 2011 that Microsoft’s  Windows 7  includes images which look suspiciously like chemtrails and he surmised they are being used to condition the public to accept  chemtrails as … Continue reading

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Microsoft Conditioning People To Regard Chemtrails As Normal

This is Michael Zhang from Wellington writing.  These wallpaper images from Windows 7 from Microsoft came to my attention.  I know how “the powers that be” try and condition people to perceive chemtrails as normal and nothing out-of-the-ordinary.    There … Continue reading

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Gates Foundation Invests $10 Million in Vaccines Developer, Liquidia

NOTE: Bill Gates is a big funder of geo-engineering and  advocates reducing the world population drastically.  Plus, he has spoken about using vaccines for population reduction purposes. UnfilteredNews from G Edward Griffin Liquidia’s vaccine (not yet approved) is to be … Continue reading

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Bill Gates Funds GM Insect “Flying Vaccine” Solution

This following post from Unfiltered News from G Edward Griffin, is posted on this website as Bill Gates funds geo-engineering/ chemtrailing.  Know thine enemy. Genetically modified mosquitoes have been released for the purpose of transmitting Dengue Fever to the unsuspecting … Continue reading

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More On Bill Gates, A Sponsor Of Geoengineering

Billionaire Bill Gates sponsors geoengineering. The YouTube clip below is of Infowars.com radio show host, Alex Jones talking about how keen Gates’ is to establish death panels and deny health care to some old people.  The Real Story Behind Bill … Continue reading

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Bill Gates, Who Sponsors Geo-engineering, Confronted By We Are Change Regarding The Doomsday Seed Vault & More

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