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Waking Up Dargaville Farmers To The Likely Cause of Their 2014 Drought

On April the 2nd, the Northern Advocate quoted Nathan Guy, Primary Industries Minister, who has advised that Northlanders were to expect more dry spells owing to climate change.  As is to be expected, the corrupt mainstream media failed to refer … Continue reading

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Satellite Imagery Shows Worst Drought In North Island In History Is Man-Made

By Clare Swinney          PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OTHERS Stuff.co.nz published: ‘North Island drought worst in history’  on March the 10th, 2013, which states “Long, dry spells are forecast to double by 2040”  and experts warn … Continue reading

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Scientists warn it’s the ‘new norm’ after worst drought in 800 years

By RENATA D’ALIESIO, The Globe and Mail, Published Sunday, Jul. 29 2012, 10:11 PM EDT, Last updated Monday, Jul. 30 2012, 8:17 AM EDT The signs of drought were everywhere, from shrivelled rivers and lakes in the American West to … Continue reading

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World Chemtrail Awareness Day in New Zealand – Waking Kiwis Up To The Great Rain Robbery

The aim of this event is to draw the public’s attention to the highly destructive activity of spraying aerosol trails into the troposphere. This is occurring on a massive scale worldwide, including throughout New Zealand and evidence shows it is … Continue reading

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No Rain & Unnatural Cloud Formations on Sunday, Nov 14

Here are photos taken from Woodhill, Whangarei on November the 14th, 2010.  As mentioned in a previous post, it has rained very little in November.  During September the section of lawn shown below was nice and green throughout.  At this … Continue reading

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Will Drought Creation Be Used In Conjunction With Water Privatization To Make Water Unaffordable?

This new film Irena Salina’s award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of  the 21st Century – The World Water Crisis. As readers know in Whangarei we learnt about a “water crisis” early … Continue reading

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Drought Conditions In Northland In The New Year

3rd of January, 2010. Milking down to once a day for some farmers in Northland as drought comes early in the season On the 20th of January, 2010 Government Declares drought in Northland January 20th, Govt aid for drought-hit farmers … Continue reading

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Kiwi starve to death in Northland drought

STUFF.CO.NZ 5th of Feb, 2010.     Northland’s drought is having devastating effects for the local Kiwi population. “The weather is playing havoc with our Kiwi,” says Robert Webb of the Whangarei Native Bird Recovery centre. A Kiwi’s diet consists mainly … Continue reading

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Plane Seen Releasing Aerosol In Kaitaia On January the 12th, 2010

There has been a report from a reliable source of what was described as a small plane leaving a large chemtrail behind it in drought-striken Kaitaia on the 12th of January, 2010. This was described a “very long” chemtrail and … Continue reading

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