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Ask Your Library To Get A Copy of ‘Chemtrails, HAARP, & the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth’

If you are concerned about the issue of weather warfare and seeing skies covered in aerosol material and you’d like to educate others about it, here is something you can do for your community in the near future that won’t … Continue reading

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Was the Christchurch earthquake a terrible natural disaster, or was it a terrible MAN-MADE disaster?

This is posted on this website because HAARP technology can be used to cause earthquakes.  Barium is mentioned on the HAARP patent and this is commonly included in chemtrails. From Uncensored.co.nz, via an e-mail dated the 3rd of March 2011. … Continue reading

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New Video: Chemtrails, Radiowave-beam technology Aka HAARP & Fibers

This was filmed in Whangarei in June, 2010.  It includes a series of interviews with Whangarei locals, shot outside the public library on June the 14th, followed by video from the 12th of June of chemtrails over Whangarei and video … Continue reading

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Chemtrail Chemicals Confirmed: Barium & Aluminium Found in Whangarei Rainwater

By Clare Swinney   The smell of chemicals, the presence of chemtrails, aerosol material seen being sprayed from aircraft, distinctive wave patterns in clouds, man-made clouds, persistently cloudy skies without rain, plus the advent of strangely light rain, now seem … Continue reading

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Climate Engineers: Radio Doc

There is some global warming propaganda and bunkum in this, but it is worth listening to nonetheless.    Climategate, & Glaciergate, amongst some other weather-gates, have shown that man-made global warming is a hoax.  Also, while this implies the sea level … Continue reading

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