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Meteorologist Scott Stevens & Michael J. Murphy Discuss Chemtrails – June 4 in Maui

Published on the 4th of June, 2012 by Truthmediaproduction Former TV weatherman, Scott Stevens and Michael J. Murphy educate the public at Maui Earthday 2012.  To pre-order the soon-to-be released documentary Why In The World Are They Spraying? go here: … Continue reading

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Maui, Hawaii On New Year’s Day: Haze Of Particulates In Sky

Writes Mauiskywatcher:  “Just wanted to see if I could upload a single perfect photo of the geo-grid over Maui on New Years Day, 2011.  Photo is not mine, found it on Facebook.  Not sure if the photographer is aware of … Continue reading

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Chemical Skies In Hawaii

Nina, who lives in Maui, Hawaii sent these links to some new photos taken of their skies and writes: “Aloha Clare~here are a few of my Maui chem sky pics…” http://chemtrailsoverkaikoura.ning.com/photo/photo/slideshow?albumId=4744723:Album:2465 http://chemtrailsoverkaikoura.ning.com/photo/photo/slideshow?albumId=4744723:Album:3613 ~Nothing Resonates In The Soul Like The Truth~ … Continue reading

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Rainwater Test Results From Maui, Hawaii

Nina in Hawaii sent these results of a rainwater test today.   Writes Nina: “I think the samples were taken on July 26, 2010 and analysed on August 3, 2010.” Aluminium was found at a level of 219 μg/l Barium was … Continue reading

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Video of Chemtrails Over Maui

What In The World Are They Spraying?  People of Maui Want Answers NOW!

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