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Photos from Nelson Showing Heavy Aerosolization of Atmosphere for Nov 6

Photos by Des from Nelson, New Zealand for November the 6th, 2015.

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Upsurge of Aerosol Spraying Activity Occurring Around New Zealand In Early November

What appears to be an upsurge of aerosol spraying activity is being reported from around regions of New Zealand for early-November, 2015.   Could it be that extremes are being manufactured ahead of the Paris Climate Change conference or is something … Continue reading

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Weather Warfare News: Nelson, New Zealand Farmers Struggling

By Louisa Young of Nelson.   My 9-year-old son got up this morning and said: “Wow, Mum, I’ve just seen the biggest chemtrails being laid.  Where’s my Ipad?”  He found his Ipad and took photos of the trails at about at 7.30am … Continue reading

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Weather Warfare News: Very High Aluminium Content In Hailstones From Devastated Fruit Growing Region in South Island

On the 4th of November, a severe hail storm destroyed apple and kiwifruit crops in the Tasman district of the South Island of New Zealand, causing extensive damage to orchards, destroying both fruit and netting.  It was a financial disaster … Continue reading

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Nelson Sky Covered With Aerosols On March 31

This was uploaded by Louisa Young of Nelson, New Zealand today.

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Full On Aerosol Assault Over Nelson on March 7

Writes Ngaire Small of Nelson: “There was a full on aerosol hit to the skies over Nelson on Friday, March the 7th which produced these murky, hazy skies for much of the morning.   It cleared eventually, but a massive amount … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Footage Shows Multiple Aerosol Trails Over Nelson – Feb 15, 2014

Time lapse video footage was shot of the sky from Hira near Nelson, New Zealand on February the 15th, 2014 by Tate Ulsaker, who pointed the camera northwards, towards Cable Bay for approximately 3 hours.  The footage was condensed to … Continue reading

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Obvious Chemtrails Plaster Nelson’s Sky On February 15

The following photos of aerosols were taken by concerned residents of Nelson, New Zealand on the morning of February the 15th.  They were e-mailed to Nelson activist Louisa Young and she kindly shared them with this website. Louisa advised, “This … Continue reading

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Bizarre-Looking Cloud Hung In Nelson’s Sky On January 6

From Ngaire  Small of Tahunanui, Nelson. Jan 8, 2014. This mass of aerosol ‘fingers’ appeared early in the morning of Monday, the 6th of January whilst the rest of the sky was fairly clear.    It hung in the sky, looking … Continue reading

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Unnatural Cloud Formations In Nelson’s Sky

From Ngaire Small of Nelson, 25th December, 2013. As with almost every day in Nelson nowadays, these unnatural cloud formations were evident throughout the 24th and 25th of December, 2013.  Unfortunately, our sky is now very rarely without “chemcloud” poisoning … Continue reading

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