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Aerosols Over Nelson All Day On November 15

Thank-you to regular contributor, Ngaire Small of Tahunanui, Nelson for sending the following photos taken on November the 15th, 2013 which show unnatural cloud formations, which only became a common occurrence when aerosols became so. She states there was all … Continue reading

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Chemtrail Blitz Over Nelson On November 10, 2013

Regular contributor Ngaire Small, who lives in the Tahunanui suburb of Nelson, wrote on November 10, 2013: “Finally, there was a blue sky in Nelson. It is quite rare these days, with all the fake clouds in the sky. There … Continue reading

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Full-Scale Chemtrail Spraying Assault Over Nelson on May 20, 2013

By Ngaire Small, May 20, 2013 Nelson was targeted this afternoon by various villains in our sky.   It appeared to be a full scale assault with no regard for the environment, nor the people. I observed a Jetstar plane flying … Continue reading

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Nelson Mail Includes Photo Of Aerosol Filled Sky On May 9, 2013

By Ngaire Small of Nelson, May 10th, 2013. Eyes wide shut!  This photo was captured by the Nelson Mail at the Nelson Golf Club on Wednesday, May the 8th  at around dusk, but they want us to remain focused on what … Continue reading

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Nelson Mail Runs Piece On Chemtrails, Claiming Incorrectly They Are Vapour

Leave a comment on the Stuff.co.nz site.  The aerosol spraying over Nelson and neighboring regions, as the photographs and eyewitness reports on this site show, was very heavy on May the 8th.  These were definitely not vapour trails that people … Continue reading

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Extreme Aerosol Spraying In Nelson On May 8, 2013

By Ngaire Small, Tahunanui, Nelson. May 8, 2013 Note the image of the two flights stopping spraying just north of Nelson.  One goes on to reveal a small ‘contrail’ only, by contrast. There was extreme aerosol spraying today, it was one of … Continue reading

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Video of Nelson Skies On March 14, 2013

Published on March 14, 2013.  By Robyn Halkett Taken on  the 14th of March 2013, showing the chemtrails sprayed in New Zealand skies. “HAARP” type activity was also evident. New Zealand is in a drought.  This is why folks.

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Filthy Skies From Aerosol Spraying Over Nelson Common Now

By Ngaire Small of Tahunanui, Nelson These three photos, showing aerosols, were taken at sunset in Nelson on the 26th of February, 2013. Another filthy day  – this is now the ‘norm’.  

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Nelson, NZ Sky Thick With Aerosol Material This Morning

by Ngaire Small of Nelson, 3 Feb. 2013 The man-made cloud matter was incredible this morning and stuck around covering most of the sky,  most of the day.  There is more moving over us this afternoon.  There is heaps of … Continue reading

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Very Heavy Chemtrailing Over Nelson, NZ On December 9 & 10, 2012

By Ngaire Small, Tahunanui, Nelson.   December 10, 2012. There were hideous levels of chem-trailing all day yesterday and today over Nelson, [New Zealand].  I have never seen anything like it here previously.  The sky was completely criss-crossed by this afternoon.  … Continue reading

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