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Iridescent ” Chembow Cloud ” With Frequency Pulse Ripples, Hurunui, South Is, New Zealand.

By Marian Sutherland 29/ 03/ 2017 Inland near Waikari & Hawarden, North Canterbury, South Island, Aotearoa-New Zealand Chemtrail dregs looking like a dirty oil slick in the sky.  Taken looking west towards the hills in the late afternoon. I DO … Continue reading

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If These Images Don’t Scream: “Something Strange Is Going On In Our Skies!” What Does?‏

By Marian Sutherland I am constantly observing signs in the sky here in North Canterbury, New Zealand that can only be explained by the presence of clandestine Atmospheric Aerosol Geoengineering operations overhead. The high concentrations of sprayed aerosol material often … Continue reading

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Fibers Cover Ground in Waikari, North Canterbury

Published on 8 May 2013, By Marian Sutherland of  Waikari, North Canterbury.   I’ve observed a lot of these unnatural fibers recently, coinciding with Atmospheric Aerosol Geoengineering activity in our area of Waikari, North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. The grass ends … Continue reading

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Steady & Significant Increase In Aerosol Operations Over North Canterbury

By Marian Sutherland, North Canterbury Photos: Marian Sutherland July 28, 2012 I have grown up on high country stations in North Canterbury and Lake Wakatipu areas. Keeping an eye on the sky and the weather conditions was an essential part … Continue reading

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Very Strange Skies Over North Canterbury On June 13, 2012

Yesterday, Marian Sutherland of Waikari, North Canterbury, who is a regular contributor to this website and to Chemtrails over NZ on Facebook.com,  mentioned that she was very disturbed at the unusual nature of the sky in her region on June … Continue reading

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Caller To Newstalk ZB On Chemtrails/ Geo-engineering – January 4, 2012

Uploaded by WebOfEvidence on 4 Jan 2012 On January 4th, 2012, Marian Sutherland of North Canterbury, New Zealand, phoned Newstalk ZB and spoke to talk show host, Bruce Russell about chemtrails/ geo-engineering. This video includes photos of chemtrails taken by … Continue reading

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Aerosols Over North Canterbury October 13/14

Today Marian Sutherland of North Canterbury, New Zealand posted 22 photos she took at Waikari Valley/Waipara on Facebook.com, in a web album she titled: ‘Geoengineered Skies, October 13/14, 2011.’  Here are three of those pictures.

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Coloured Cloud Material Seen Over North Canterbury On April 19, 2011

David W. of North Canterbury, which is in the South Island of New Zealand, kindly emailed on April the 19th, 2011 and wrote: “These pictures were taken today in North Canterbury……I believe they are chemtrail influenced! Regards David… Notice the … Continue reading

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Chemtrails Over North Canterbury & Christchurch on February 11

Writes a reader named Karina:  “I’m not sure if you are still accepting photographs of chemtrails, however, the North Canterbury and Christchurch area were visibly hit with chemtrails today.  The attached photos were ALL taken today 11 February 2011.” “The … Continue reading

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